The Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid In A Phone Interview

Job interviews over phone have become incredibly common these days. Employers use phone interviews as a means to figure out if the candidate is worthy for a face-to-face interview. However, a lot of job-seekers do not take phone interviews seriously and end up making silly mistakes which cost them the job.

So, if you are preparing for a phone interview and want to excel in it, here are the biggest mistakes you MUST stay clear of.

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1. Thinking It Is Not A REAL Interview

A phone interview is not a get-to-know-each-other chat. Employers use it as a screening test for a face-to-face interview. So, if you really value the opportunity, take up the phone screening seriously!

2. No Preparation

Just like a face-to-face interview, a phone interview also requires you to be prepared to answer questions. Though the screenings are usually short, some employers can go out of the way and ask some tricky in-depth questions. It is better you are prepared for them all.

3. Noisy Surrounding

The main idea of a phone interview is to impress a potential employer for an interview call. In order to make the best impression possible, make sure you don’t have external disturbances when speaking. A noisy surrounding is a strict no, NO!

4. Poor Communication Skills

Good verbal communication is very important in any work environment. Since the employer cannot see you, it is your ability to effectively communicate that renders a picture of who you are. Speak clearly and confidently.

5. Poor Attention

Your brief time in a phone interview is too precious to waste. Make sure you are fully focused on the call. Even the slightest of distractions can hugely turn-off the employer. So, pay attention.

6. Not Ready To Answer Typical Interview Questions

Questions about your ready availability for the job and salary expectations can be asked during the interview. It is advisable you have an answer for them.

7. Wrong Tone Of Voice

Since the employer cannot see your body language or facial expressions, you are judged on the tone of your voice in a phone interview. Make sure you sound lively and cheerful. The best way to do this is to sit straight or walk around when you are on phone.

Job interviews over phone can be nerve-wracking unless you know how to handle them. Avoiding these simple mistakes can definitely guarantee you an interview spot and hopefully land you a job.

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