“The interns were constantly evaluated and by the end of internship period full time offers were given” Karthik Lakshman


Karthik Lakshman, Founder of 40 tables opens up on how he solved the problem of identifying the right task people and how interns brought fresh ideas to the company.

About 40Tables

40Tables is an online service provider, which aims at bridging the gap between the restaurant and the consumer and hope to make the entire dining experience simple and hassle free. The website lets users to reserve tables, pre-order and pre-pay to dine-in, order food for delivery or takeaway, and also avail exciting offers and discounts from restaurants.

40Tables is a consumer website that connects customers to restaurants. Our Website enables customers to

✔ Book table for restaurant dine-in

✔ Pre-order food & pre-pay for dine-in/takeaway

✔Avail price cut through deals and time-based discounts

✔ Place online orders for takeaway

✔ Request door delivery

The Pickle

For any startup, one of the major problem has always been identifying the right task people. Start up’s are a kind of environment that needs people who are self-motivated, who are not afraid to experiment and self-starters.

Moreover when major population prefers traditional, low risk jobs identifying the right talent becomes a difficult job. But since the beginning we were sure about the kind of people we wanted in the team. Even though the recruitment process was time consuming it was one thing we were not ready to compromise.

The Jam

It is usually very difficult to understand a person and their interests in one interview. Internships are used to bridge this gap. Internships serve as an opportunity for the organization to understand the interns and for the interns to know what was expected out of them.

From our experience we understood that some interns are quite driven and needed less guidance. Initially we gave them specific tasks, explained what is expected from them and manage their performance. We made them understand that not every intern is going to make the transition from being an intern to full time employee. The interns were constantly evaluated and by the end of internship period full time offers were made based on their performance and interest.

The Twenty19 Knot

Twenty19 helped us identify most of our interns. With 40Tables, interns work primarily in Sales & Marketing and are responsible in Field Sales, Digital marketing, SEO and Analytics. We used the Quiz Challenge  feature of twenty19 to weed out disinterested candidates. Despite initial screening, there are always few applicants whose interests do not match the requirements but interns were definitely useful for us to bridge the gap of  interest understanding , Short term help before launch of product and were really helpful in understanding candidates in depth before giving out full-time offers because interviews are never comprehensive.

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