Things you need to do for yourself before turning 30

Turning thirty could seem to be a little daunting as now we consider ourselves getting old and easily put our mindset into a mould. As we are expected to act mature we let go of little things that used to make us happy irrespective of how eccentric those things were.

However, aging and getting old is the normal bodily function which we cannot alter but should definitely keep alive the inner child, with the help of this ‘inner child’ that we can still be happy without offending others, and how does it matter if others are not aligned to our thinking anyway.

Before stepping into your 30’s make sure you’ve done the following things, you never know if you can do these then or ever again.

  • Travel alone

Most of us don’t seem to travel to another place out of our state or country unless it is for our education or job, but make it a point to travel without any thing triggering you. Travelling is like a silent mindful meditation in itself as you’ll be observing everything carefully. Let these experiences sink into your psyche; you’ll know how amazing it is!

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  • Volunteering

People usually toy with the idea of volunteering; everyone thinks it is a great thing to do as in giving back to the society, but not everyone takes further step to join an NGO, even if they do it wouldn’t last that long to call it ‘making an impact’. Be serious around this time and make sure whatever it is you’ve taken up is really life changing, yours as well as other’s life.

  • Write a book

It isn’t really a cliche; this really could be a profound life experience. Let that creativity of yours pour itself on to the paper and into the words. The untold stories that you have in you can answer someone else’s questions about life. Give it a try.

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  • Become responsible about your money

It’s high time if you aren’t into saving, this is the time to start it. Every earned penny matters and deserves to be preserved. Invest and rest is the mantra.

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  • Learn to cook a proper cuisine

Enough of relying on instant noodles and takeaways, it is time to eat healthy and in order to do that better start cooking for yourself. Independence isn’t just about being monetarily sufficient but others things that you do for your well being.

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  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language stretches your brain’s elasticity and it is better to learn when you don’t have pressing responsibilities.

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  • Let go of toxic people in your life

It is okay even to let go of people whom you consider to be the closest, there’s no point in tolerating their negativity that drains you altogether. Don’t hang on, just let go.

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  • Accept who you are

It’s time to make peace with yourself. Drain out what others are telling you about your looks, weight and fashion sense. Don’t accept if there’s no truth in them.

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  • Start a business besides working in a regular job

Before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, it is good to start small.

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  • Practice not to seek approval from others

It’s hard not to look for a little recognition and appreciation but it will best to stop these expectations altogether. Not possible in one go, but achievable step by step.

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  • Weave exercise into your life

It is okay if other habits do not stick around for a very long time but make sure that you do not stop exercising. Don’t take your health for granted, the stakes are pretty high.

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  • Don’t let go of your hobbies

Your favorite past times act as the refuge for the rest of your life and letting them disappear just like that will be the worst thing to do.

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  • Dare yourself to survive a heartbreak

It’s a life half-lived if you haven’t survived heartbreak; don’t be overtly conscious of the pain. It is what will make you strong, and don’t desperately look out for one either. Be open and be in the moment, and you never know what you may come across.

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Go on and expand this list as much as you feel like, there’s no limit to explore. Never forget to have fun as the 2nd decade of your life is meant for adventures and experimentation. There’s nothing like failure just a solution applied to a different scenario.

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