“This Experience Taught Me The Importance Of Teamwork” – My Internship @ Twenty19

1st picRavi Shankar is a final year Mechanical Engineering student at SRM University, Chennai. An automotive enthusiast, Ravi dreams of working for luxury car manufacturer, Ferrari some day. His passion for serving students landed him the role of an Operations Intern at Twenty19.

Read on as he shares his experience of working with Twenty19.

How did you get this internship opportunity at Twenty19?

wanted to make the best possible use of my summer vacations

I wanted to make the best possible use of my summer vacations and was anxiously searching for internships on Twenty19. As luck would have it, I found an opening for Operations Interns at Twenty19 through Twenty19 (laughs). I applied and had a telephonic interview before being taken on board.

Why did you want to intern at Twenty19?

The thought of interning at Twenty19 – one of the leading online student portals in India instantly caught my imagination. I knew that working in a place like Twenty19 would help me shape my skills. As a student who craves for more creativity and exposure, Twenty19 seemed the perfect place for me.

What were your responsibilities as an Operations Intern?

As an Operations Intern at Twenty19, I got the opportunity to work with different teams. Each team was working on a specific project. Under the mentorship of my manager – Shwetha (Business Head at Twenty19), I was exposed to different projects. I collected data on colleges and college students, created presentations and aided in courses creation.

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How did you carry out your tasks?

Since I was working on a lot of small projects, I needed a perfect plan to execute things. Though I found the going tough in my initial days, with some help from my mentor I was able to plan, schedule and finish my tasks within set deadlines.

 How did you feel working with the Twenty19 team?

I was very surprised to find a young workforce effectively managing a website of Twenty19’s stature. They were very friendly and down to earth. I found it very easy to get along with them. Their enthusiasm and dedication constantly motivated me to reach my goals.

How was the overall experience? Did you like it?3rd pic

This wonderful opportunity helped me learn, grow, know more and DO MORE

Yes, I loved the experience. In fact, I wished I stayed a little longer. This experience taught me the importance of teamwork in a corporate setting. I also got to see and observe how communication is vital when working on path-breaking projects. I thank Twenty19 for this wonderful opportunity which helped me learn, grow, know more and “DO MORE”.

Ravi Shankar’s ability to adapt and learn things quick helped him do a fantastic job as an Operations Intern. We wish him all success in his future endeavours.

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