“This internship helped me get ready for a larger world!” – Sharad Ananth

DSC_0309-001Sharad Ananth is a sophomore student at Panjab University Swami Sarvanand Giri Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur. He worked as our Twenty19 Campus Ambassador at his college. Excerpts from an interview about his internship as a Twenty19 Campus Ambassador are given below. Read on to know more.!!

What were your main responsibilities as a Campus Ambassador?

I was expected to promote students in my campus to the outer world whilst promoting the company at the same time. For promoting the students I myself had to get aware of a lot of things and it certainly increased my circle of knowledge. Moreover, I also had to develop new ideas in order to promote at the campus.

Why did you want to be a Campus Ambassador?

I wanted to learn more about public speaking and furthermore, flourish my leadership skills.

 I also wanted to get aware and make others aware about the benefits of internships and as a Campus Ambassador, I could do it very easily.

What impact did you create as a Campus Ambassador?

I helped many students get internships in their interested field of works like website developing, blogging, etc! I made sure everyone benefited from the knowledge I shared with them.

What did you learn as an intern?

When you help others, you also help yourself!

 I learned many more marketing skills. I learned to generate quick and feasible ideas.

What was the best thing about your internship?

With the help of Twenty19, I could create so many opportunities for such a young and large crowd! Having see them getting benefited from the same was surely a breath of satisfaction that I did my work correctly.

What changes did the internship bring in you?

Before the internship, I was an introvert. I barely took a step to publish and discuss my ideas. Lack of confidence and the incomplete faith to complete a work correctly had literally feared me. In fact, so many people appreciated my work and now I fear nothing. My confidence plays at its best these days and I’m all set to get in line with a large corporate world. Also, my resume currently includes numerous different soft skills that will show I’m ready to be a part of the crowd.

After the internship, I realised that opening up was no crime.


Sharad’s internship as our Twenty19 Campus Ambassador has benefited a huge crowd. You can be one of him too! Write about it to shwetha@twenty19.com and be a part of this league!

Go Ambassade! :)



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