5 Tips for Attracting Students through Social Media

You can miss a student in college, but never in social media. In this tech dependent age, more and more companies have begun to realize the importance of building a social media brand to attract college students. Some of them find it easy while others struggle for attention. Here are some tips to optimize your company’s social media presence to attract college students for internships and job opportunities.

Social Media

Image Credits: Massimo-group.com

1. Give an Insider’s view

Everyone knows about your company from outside – through job postings and the official website. But do they know what goes on behind-the-scenes? The awesomeness you do? They don’t. So, if you have a great work culture – go ahead and showcase it. Shoot a video or upload pictures to give students a real peek at the action happening inside.

2. Make it Personal

Have a personal connect with students on social media. Add more pictures of the company, your employees and some candid moments. Give the people behind your accounts freedom to inject their personality and observation into their posts. Be sure to reply to every query or comment and make your organizations’ social media presence more human-like.

3. Post Useful Content

More than job postings and marketing strategies, students are interested to know about work environment, advancement opportunities within the company and mentoring programs. It is important that you address these areas.

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4. Start a Real-time Conversation

One really good way of building a brand and recruiting interns is to start a real-time conversation. For example, you can host a Twitter live chat where students can connect with your employees, ask questions and get answers real-time. Something as simple as this will build the ‘awe factor’ among students.

5. Surprise!

Keep students guessing about what is going to come next. Things like hosting a Facebook contest and rewarding the winner with a lunch with your employees will definitely grab attention. Many students will be thrilled with the opportunity to get some insight in a relaxed, non-interview setting such as this.

A very good social media image goes a long way in building a brand and trust among students. Take time and effort to forge a real connection with students. You will reap bountiful rewards very soon.

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