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Go on and read to know how assertiveness plays an important role while you work in a corporate

In Today’s world, where Interpersonal skills overtook Humanity, Everyone of us is aware of the prevalent term ‘Communication Skills’ but if it is preceded by ‘Assertive’, an adjective gives a whole new different meaning. In workplace or in your personal life, more often than not we end up succumbing to our choices, which we have made to please someone else. By letting ourselves get into the trap of trying to placate and make an impression could have begun by our need to look for approval.

However, when you’ve reached a point where you realize this mistake of yours, by consistently prioritizing others over yourself, actually costs a lot in the long term. What started off as an enthusiastic new employee, taking up more work to create an impact dwindles down to a state where you’re doing work of others, who are outright lazy! The sooner you understand the better.


That’s when ‘Assertive Communication Skills’ come into the play. Being assertive is to be respectful of your views, opinions and the subtle art of saying ‘No’ to things that are not aligned to your ideals. Sounds very simple yet it has complex intricacies while practicing. Assertiveness is believing that your decision counts and your will to stand up for it but in a calm manner.

Aggression and being assertive are quite opposite, an assertive person considers others interests and is balanced in his/her approach. On the other hand, an aggressive person wants his/her way without any iota of sense of other person’s feelings and emotions.


Let us have a look at some tips that can help an individual to develop Assertive Communication Skills:

  • Think of your worth

If you’re being pushed into something that you don’t believe in, it only causes frustration and anxiety. Though you’ve agreed initially to make someone feel good, think about your action. Will it add any value to my life or my well being? If yes, well and good but when the answer is not positive you must remember that you’re worthy of better choice.


  • Speak up for what you believe in

Most of the times we are so tongue tied as to not offend anyone’s feelings and ideas. We are so self-conscious about appearing arrogant or rude that we just don’t speak and it leaves you in a state where you’re at the mercy of another person’s opinion of you. SPEAK UP NOW!



  • Be courageous to express your feelings

When you’ve decided to speak up, make sure to articulate your feelings without any fear because that’s when people tend to believe or at least hear what you’ve got to say. Be honest with yourself first, talk what makes sense to you and put forth your choices in front of others.


  • React responsibly

When it comes to being assertive, it could be mistake for arrogance and rudeness on your part. If you get to hear anything about yourself, react in a proper way. It is vital that you remind yourself that you cannot control others but yourself.


  • Train yourself to face vulnerability

Once we have spoken our minds with determination; face the outcome. The result could be positive or negative, don’t try to get away with it. Be in that vulnerable state and tell yourself that you take the total responsibility of the decision.


  • Remember, it is okay to make mistakes

You could go wrong while trying to be assertive; if you mistook someone’s genuine need as interpreting to be take advantage of. Do thorough thinking, as it may happen that you are assertive in a situation where you need not be.



Assertiveness is a skill that can be practiced, and it begins when you realize that you cannot let anyone treat you the way they want. Give yourself love and let go the guilt of saying ‘No’.

Moreover, it is actually a great trick that will make your colleagues to fall in love with you. Once your genuineness is understood, it will soon be appreciated and loved.

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