Tips to get Internship at IBM

IBM or International Business Machines Corporation, as it stands for, is an American tech giant and a multinational company. Founded by Charles Ranlett Flint in 1911 it was first named as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. It was only in 1924 that it got renamed as IBM. It renders its services in 177 countries and mainly works in the area ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.


It’s more than just a dream for every tech lover to work with such a reputed and experienced company. Where it may be hard to bust your way through the recruitment process and secure yourself a job at IBM, it is not that hard to be an intern there. Here is the whole process explained in detail.

Types of Internship:

There are various internship programmes that IBM offers such as

  1. All about IBM and Cognitive computing
  2. IBM student developer community
  3. Extreme Blue at IBM
  4. The Brighter Blue
  5. Early Professional Sellers Program

The most popular being the Extreme Blue program. All others can be regarded as the summer internship program. You can find the details of other programs here



It requires you to be pursuing a technical, scientific, numerical degree along with a problem solving and teamwork skills. You must know coding and a talent in programming will be an added advantage over others. IBM also provides an opportunity in the field of research. The well known IBM research labs (IRL) provides summer internship in the same every year.

Ways to apply:

There are two-three modes of applying for the internship at IBM.

Through Website:

The preliminary way of applying is to visit the company’s website and apply through it. You’ll find the ‘careers’ tab at the top of the homepage. Apply by going on to the careers tab.

Through Campus Drives:

IBM does visit some of the colleges and reputed institutions to hire the interested candidates for the internship. If your college isn’t one of them then contact your Training & Placement Cell and ask them to contact the concerned department at IBM for the same.

Through Referal:

If you have a source at IBM, an insider who knows in & out at the company, you can ask them to forward your resume to the HR department of the company. You, thus, also get an advantage over the others.

The Interview:

Post the application process, if you get shortlisted, you’ll be contacted by the recruitment team of the IBM for the interview process. You will be, most probably, asked for a telephonic interview which will determine your chance to make it through. You may also be asked for a face-to-face or skype interview. So be prepared accordingly.

Your interview will mainly consist of the questions ranging from basic introduction to complicated programming. Such as, you can be asked to predict the output of a given program or your skills at programming may also be tested. The question will be of both numerical and conceptual type. So don’t forget to brush up on the various programming languages in order to make an impact.

Also, to learn more about the telephonic interview, in particular, you can visit twenty19’s blog on the same.

Handy Tips:

  1. Be smart, active and enthusiastic while answering the questions.
  2. Do not exaggerate but be expressive while answering.
  3. You must be well versed in the core knowledge.
  4. Your spontaneity matters more than the correctness of your answer.
  5. Certification courses, if pursued, will be advantageous.
  6. Leadership and problem-solving skills will be tested.
  7. If you have any innovative ideas, pitch them.
  8. Learn about the history and innovations of the company.


Once you’ve made through all the screening process, you’ll get selected and will have to work in a team on a certain project. But once you are through, you also are entitled to following perks.

  • Pre-Placement offer.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Work from home opportunity.
  • Competetive remuneration in the form of a monthly stipend.
  • One time allowance for accommodation, conveyance and boarding.

These were the tips, insights and all about the internship process of IBM. It may seem lengthy at first but it does not even matter once you are through it. All that matters is your interest and enthusiasm to be there and how well you know your subject or your field. At last, nothing but your knowledge and enthusiasm will help you break your way through to the IBM.

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