Tips to nail a Phone Interview

An interview is an essential part of a selection process. Be it telephonic or face-to-face. Irrespective of how good you’ve done in the previous stages, your interview plays the decisive role in getting you through. It is so because the written part and oral interview widely differ from each other. The written exam will give a gist of your bookish knowledge whereas the interview brings out your whole persona, including your thought process. So it’s important to score well in an interview. Here are some tips to nail a telephonic interview or any interview for that matter.





Do your homework before the interview which involves doing an elementary research. Gather as much information as you can about the organisation, their works, current projects etc. It leaves a good impression on the interviewer as it depicts your interest and enthusiasm about the job that you are interviewing for. So research is a must.


While in an interview, you must be confident while conversing. Being confident gives a positive outlook of your personality and establishes a sense of faith in your abilities. It leaves your imprints on the interviewer. In a telephonic interview, where a person cannot see you physically, you get judged by your confidence while conversing. So, being confident is inevitable to clear an interview.

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Conversation Skills:

Your conversation skills are your best weapon to combat your interview. Nothing impresses a person in a better way than your profound conversation ability. Also, when in a telephonic interview, you get little time to align your thoughts and reproduce them. At that time, your conversation skills play a key role in making your case to stand out.

Make notes:

Since you are in a telephonic interview, you must take it to your advantage. Make notes of the topics that can be asked by the interviewer and keep them by your side. It must be a part of your preparation. Although, an interviewer isn’t judging you solely on your knowledge of the subject, other skills are also taken into account. But yes, knowledge of the subject definitely gives you an edge over the others.

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Proper Place:

Choose a place that is free from noise and disturbance. Be in a quiet and peaceful place. Noisy place will not only affect you while giving answers, but will also be disturbing for the person who’s on the other side of the phone. The interviewer won’t lend a listening ear and rather will cut-short the interview. Thus, choose your place wisely to give a shot at telephonic interview.

These are few of the important tips that one must be well aware of when engaging in a telephonic interview. Some basic things must always be kept in mind such as being energetic while answering, being enthusiastic throughout the conversation and be optimistic in your dealing. If you have any new ideas then do share them. Speak clearly and never mumble. If you are unaware of any answer then don’t make up one rather politely accept that you don’t know it. These few things will help you to make a big impact and surely you’ll be nailing the telephonic interview and emerge with flying colors.

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