Top 5 Internship Trends !

The Season of Summer is here ! 

This is the time where massive pool of students look for Summer Internships and the best chance for companies to pick and choose students of their choice and requirements. 

Here are the Top Five Internship Trends 

Summer Internship Window –  A lot of colleges have implemented a mandatory summer internship window for students. There are more colleges that are keen to implement this internship window to help their students devlop real time skills.

Stipends – Most of the Companies offer good stipends to interns. They are proven to be the best motivating factor for interns to be productive at work.

Interns to Full Timers -  This is an Increasing trend for Startups / SMEs to work with Final Year students for internships and give them full-time offer if the intern is a good fit.

Combo : Work from office Work at home – This trend attracts a lot of student talent to do long term internships. Biggest advantage of this combo is except peak exam times, students are available throughout the year for Internships.

 Core Internships in Demand – Mechanical, Civil, Electrical companies face acute talent crunch. We believe this summer will offer more Core internships for students.

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