“Twenty19 catered my passion for the Software field”

Anurag Saikia is one of the thousands of students who are benefited from our training courses. Find out his experiences learning online courses with Twenty19.com

 I want to be placed in a top notch software company and the courses offered here are very helpful for me to achieve my dream

 1) What are the courses you have completed on Twenty19?

I have enrolled for the engineering courses combo and I have successfully completed courses on C programming, Online marketing, SEO, content writing, Google Analytics, Business Communication, and Photography.

Anurag SaikiaAnurag Saikia, a computer engineer from the Assam Down Town University has completed a few online courses on Twenty19.com. A software enthusiast, he shares his experience of learning online courses in Twenty19.com

2) Why did you want to learn the courses?

I have a great passion for the software industry and I am keen to be placed in top notch software companies. I wanted to strengthen my skills in this field thereby making myself employable. That is why I have joined in the programming courses and I hope these courses help me achieve my goal.

3) What was your expectation before taking these courses and did the courses meet up your expectation?

Frankly speaking, I did not have any experience learning online courses before. I just wanted to try this new way of learning and yes, my decision was good.

4) Did you like the online courses? Can you briefly explain your experience learning online?

Yes, I loved the course structure and the way the courses were taught.

Learning online meant saving time and energy of going to classes. Also, these classes accommodated to my flexible studying hours and I learned these courses whenever I had time. This kind of luxury is not possible with offline courses. Also, brownie points to valuable courses at very affordable prices.

5) Why did you choose Twenty19 over other portals?

Before enrolling to Twenty19, I did not have any idea about online courses. I just gave this a try seeing the advertisement on Facebook because it was a lower fee compared to the other portals and now I feel it’s the best decision I have taken.

6) Will you suggest these courses to your friends?

Yes, Absolutely. As a matter of fact, I have already suggested to my friends.

7) Will you be interested in taking further courses with us?

I have a huge passion for software development. I wish to enroll in the course on ANDROID to cater to my love for programming.

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