Twenty19 course has helped me in writing more structured and refined emails- Surojit Chakraborty

Sheer curiosity and a wish to test his email writing skills made Surojit Chakraborty sign up for Twenty19’s professional email writing online course. Though he was no stranger to sending emails he wanted to be sure if he was doing it right. Surojit Chakraborthy holds a degree in human resource management from IIT kharagpur. He’s currently working as a faculty in KIIT University. He shares his experience learning the Twenty19 professional email writing course through a Q and A session.


 How did you get to know of the Twenty19 courses? Were you a regular follower of the website?

I was already a regular visitor to the website’s internship and events section. One day I just clicked the courses tab out of curiosity and the first course that caught my attention is the professional email writing course.

 How has the course helped you so far? Do you think your skill has improved after the course?

The course very lucidly explained each step in composing an effective email and highlighted a couple of vital points which one has to come across in official communication almost every day, the use and abuse of “cc” and “bcc” for instance.

Needless to say, I did tweak my emails a bit after taking the course since as it turned out, I had unknowingly been overlooking a couple of significant points till then.

 Did you use the experts’ forum? How was your your experience with the same.

As far as I can recall, I had some issues regarding the answers to a couple of quiz questions and used the doubt clearing forum to clarify the same. I got my queries resolved the very next day in a well-detailed manner. It seems that the forum has become even more efficient these days as it’s almost midnight now that I am writing this blog, and the Twenty19 experts’ team is still online.

 Share with us any story related to your learning of this course, anything that you have made/presented using these skills. What was the best part of the course?

 The best part of the email writing course was that it was lucid and concise.

In fact, although the course description states that all a student needs to do is spend a week mastering the art of writing emails; I actually completed it in one sitting which led to a Twenty19 team-member being visibly perturbed when I asked her about the certificate the next day!

But again, it depends on the experience and acumen of the student, and he/she will be the best judge as to the way he/she wants to go forward with the course i.e. to sprint through it or slog at it.



 Did you have any apprehensions of taking up the online course? Did the course live up to your expectation?

What with every Tom, Dick and Harry providing off-the-shelf courses over the net; I was indeed a bit apprehensive as to the possible quality of Twenty19’s courses as well. But given that it was going to cost me just a frugal sum of money as compared to the other available courses, I decided to tread cautiously all the same and enrolled for the professional email writing course for a start. Reiterating what I have already said this far, I have no regrets whatsoever for going for the aforementioned course as I am more than pleased with the ROI on the course.

 Would you refer this course to your friends or other students? Why should students learn this course?

There are a host of courses to choose from for students in Twenty19 but this is one course which will help every student irrespective of their background or writing acumen. With snail mail moving towards obsolescence, every individual who has remotely anything to do with computers and communication needs to be aware of the intricacies of composing a decent email.

Surojit Chakraborty has refined his email writing skills. There is no reason that you should not refine your skills or learn something new that will help you out in your future career. Check out Twenty19’s courses  to spend your summer holidays usefully.


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