“Twenty19 is a great place to kick start your career with the diverse internships they have ” says this software student

Time and again we want someone to remind us of the things that we have accompolished, that serves the motivation for us to reach our goal. A brief chat with one of our interns Shradha reminded us of the waves that we have created amongst the student community.

Read on to know more about what Shradha has to say about her internship with Twenty19

1. Hi Shradha. What can you tell us about yourself? 

My name is Shradhaa Janakiraman. I am a 3 rd year B.Tech CSE student at Amrita School of
Engineering, Coimbatore.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been consistently published in
school publications besides contributing to children’s magazine such as Gokulam and

2. What is your passion in life?

My passion in life, as cliché as it sounds, is to make a difference in lives around me however
small. I hope to achieve this by becoming a teacher and contributing to the development of
children by giving them the exposure and creative space that they need to flourish.

3.How do you kill your free time? (Tell us your hobbies)

I usually kill time by reading. My favourites include Harry Potter (of course!), Hercule Poirot
novels, Mary Westmacott books, Jeffrey Archer novels and more. Other things I like to do
include writing poetry, listening to music, quilling and watching movies.

4. What are your goals that you had set for yourself? (short term goal and long term goal)?

My short term goals are to work on improving my skill set both in and out of my field of study. My long term goals mainly focus on making a difference in the lives of children as a teacher besides maintaining a spirit of learning wherever I go

5. How did you hear about us, Twenty19.com and why did you choose us over other portals ?

I heard about Twenty19.com from family and friends. I primarily chose Twenty19.com because it was recommended to me by family members and friends who were using it. But once I joined it was clear that I had made a good choice because of the variety of internships that were available and how easy the procedures were to take the next step.

6. Where did you do your first internship and brief the nature of the job and your experience?

My internship with Twenty19 was my first internship. I was required to write articles for
their blog on current topics pertaining to student and professional life. I was given clear
instructions on the format and their expectations. Since my internship was virtual, I didn’t go
into office but my point of contact was very helpful and encouraging whenever my articles
didn’t go as planned. I had a great time researching the different topics given and presenting them in interesting ways. This internship will always hold a special place with me as my first internship.

7. If you could state 3 qualities that you have taken out from the internship, what will it be?

From this internship I can say that I’ve learnt the following:
 Stick to deadlines.
 Edit, edit and edit again!
 Learn to look at your work from a reader’s perspective.

8. What were the challenges that you had to face during the internship and how did you overcome that ?

I guess the biggest challenge I had with working from home was managing my college work
and this internship. I barely made my deadlines most of the time but the editorial team of twenty19 were very accommodative of my academics.

9. How has the internship with twenty19.com changed your insight about your future and career?

This internship has definitely given me some insight into a field that I’m not currently
studying. This exposure has made me think about different career options other than that of
a software engineer and I’m hoping to pursue a path that will give as much happiness and
satisfaction as this internship at Twenty19 did.

10. Any word for the students who wish to try internship via twenty19.com?

For future students I would definitely recommend searching for internships via
twenty19.com. It’s a great place to get started as they have a variety of opportunities in
terms of fields, pay and locations.

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