“Twenty19 Internships Came to My rescue” – Jatin Kulkari

Mr. Jatin Kulkarni is a 40 year old Software professional, he holds a mechanical engineering degree but his interest was into software field. So after graduation he took up a software engineering  job at Mastek limited, he worked there for three years but after that due to some problems he took a break.
He took a long break of 10 years.

Now he wanted to get himself back into the field, he wanted to code again.
But the Times have changed & its not like it used to be a decade before, the contemporary software development frameworks and processes are different compared the old frameworks.

Although he kept himself updated with the latest trend and did projects, its hard to get back into software field. But he didn’t give up with the odds and just applied. He applied to web developer internship at Xanadu on Twenty19 and in couple of days he got a reply and now he is working again :)

It was interesting to see this happen & we wanted to know his story, so we send him our set of question and this is what we got as a reply from him.

1) What made you apply for this internship?

Ans) After graduation I took up Software Engineer job in Mastek Ltd and worked there for 3 years, mainly in field of IBM Mainframes and COBOL. After that, I took a break for many years & since then, I didn’t really work professionally, and so didn’t have any substantive experience. Although, I had managed to keep myself updated with the latest software trends, and did some simple projects, I realized that I lacked a professional experience.
In spite of that I started looking for jobs on the web, and landed up on your website. I saw the internship section and realized that this would be the best way to get myself back in mainstream software development career. And within a few days, I did end up having an internship.

2) How did you find applying through Twenty19? Did you apply elsewhere?

Ans) I think the process was quite simple and effective. The main point is that I was able to locate internship opportunities related to software and also by location. Plus, creating a profile is also very easy. I think that this kind of idea of acquiring internship through the portal is cool.
No, I never went through other websites. There are enough companies at Twenty19 portal, which expose their internship programs. So, I didn’t feel the need to go through other sites.

3) How was the interview selection process and all? How do you feel now?

Ans) There was only one interview, and it was good enough to get me the internship.
I needed to have some experience before I could actually start producing good quality contemporary software’s and this is where your internships portal came to my rescue. I feel like I have been rescued.

Mr. Jatin Emailed us as soon as he got an Internship 

It was good to know that Mr. Jatin Kulkarni could find an opportunity in our portal.

 really hard to get back into software development after getting off it, for so long. But Mr. Jatin Pushed himself to apply & we really appreciate that :)

You can always find awesome Internship opportunities on Twenty19.

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