“My Internship with Twenty19 opened up a new path for me, a path that instilled confidence in my abilities” says an MBA graduate

It is always a great feeling in knowing that the things you have done has created a positive outcome in someone ‘ s life. Meet our intern Suchitra Manpuri who started her content writing career with twenty19 and has now become one among our front line content writers. As an intern, she has always strived to create quality articles. She has been very influential with her writings and no wonder she herself has become an inspiration to millions of students across India

                       To be inspired is great, But to be an inspiration is a honour

We had a sententious chat with her on the day of her farewell to understand how much the internship has changed her perception about her career and this is what she had to say to us

1. Hi Suchitra,  What can you tell us about yourself? (name, college, course, workshops attended, internships, symposiums and other achievements)

Hi I’m Suchitra Manpuri and I’ve pursued my MBA at Pendekanti Institute of Management, and completed in the year 2015. Right after that, I was associated with a full time role in Human Resources for 1.5 yrs. I’m a curious person and I push myself to at least try something before giving up and that has resulted in me participating in a dance competition doing Lungi Dance to donning a guy’s attire to perform a skit. I’m ever energetic that way

 2. I sense a little tomboy in you, So what is your passion in life?

It’s is a difficult question because somewhere I think I’m still feeling around to truly understand what my passion is, of course there are so many things that I enjoy doing but I cannot yet say that is my passion which is a little scary isn’t it? You see others have figured out and you’re still lagging behind.However, the underlying element of whatever task I do if I see it is helping people that feeling truly satisfies me.

3.It is good to know that you are courageous enough to be open to new things, you must have a variety of hobbies. How do you kill your free time? 

Reading, writing, painting are some of the things that I dabble in. Added to these, bird-watching and Photography are some of the things that interest me. They keep me away from my busy and routine life.

4. What are your goals that you had set for yourself? (short term goal and long term goal)

Short-term goal would be to again start my career with a different perspective: that is to have a purpose. And long term goal is to keep an open mind about different careers, often times we don’t want to explore, investigate and I think that’s one way to shut yourself up. I don’t want to belong to this lot.

5. How did you hear about us, Twenty19.com and why did you think you chose Twenty19.com over the other portals?

Seriously I don’t have a memory of that, perhaps a Google search has brought me close to
Twenty19, one thing that I do remember is that I had registered myself on Twenty19 way back in
2013, that was even before my MBA but was little scared and amateurish so didn’t come back for
quite some time and then miraculously (i.e. when I quit my job) this year I took the leap. I found that here at Twenty19 response from employers is quite amazing. The best thing is you can see a company’s active status and take it from there.

6. Where did you do your first internship and brief the nature of the job and your experience?
My first internship via Twenty19 was with Nitro Kiddies, a web-based magazine that is exclusively
for child care and their well being. I was assigned topics to write content for and I thoroughly
enjoyed my experience and even my employers were quite impressed with me.

7. If you could state 3 qualities that you have taken out from the internship, what will it be?
Ability to follow up with a deadline, doing intensive research and presenting it in a simple manner
without beating around the bush.

8. What were the challenges that you had to face during the internship and how did you overcome that ?
The greatest challenge I have faced was power cuts! Since I’ve committed myself to a couple of
virtual internships having frequent power cuts tested my patience to the core. I was not working
around deadlines; instead I was working around power cuts (Pun intended).

9. How has the internship with twenty19.com changed your insight about your future and career?
After my first internship in content writing, I gained a little confidence in my ability to write and
deliver content on time. When I saw content writing internship with Twenty19. I was delighted and
applied right away. And a new journey began, with flexi timings and very supportive editorial team
I gave my all to it. Thanks to the editorial team of Twenty19 whose guidance was a blessing!

10. Any word for the students who wish to try internship via twenty19.com?
Unlike me, who was hesitant and unsure, I urge everybody to grab the opportunity. And Twenty19
is a brand in itself is connecting you with awesome opportunities out there: Content writing to
machine learning you name it and you see it on Twenty19.

Want your article also to be featured in our blog and to become the face of Twenty19, Kindly send an email to yosh@twenty19.com.

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