“Twenty19’s Online Photoshop Course was a pathbreaker!”- Muruga Pandian

Muruga Pandian has an MBA degree from IIPM, Chennai. He has what could be called as a dream opportunity for being employed by a super big MNC, earn a lot of money and be very rich. But he wasn’t very happy as he was always interested in mastering the art of image manipulation through Photoshop, for which he attended courses as well. After several tries everywhere, he was feeling let down. No one taught him how to use Photoshop in a proper real world way. Wherever he went for training, all he would be shown is how to use the tools. He then gave up on it, after trying his hand a lot by going through whatever tutorials were available.  

Then one fine day, while searching for Internships through Twenty19’s portal, Muruga browsed through the Online Courses section; there he came across Twenty19’s offering on Adobe Photoshop. Despite being a course that was going to charge him money for an online learning and courses session- he felt he could trust Twenty19 because the tutorial video, and the customer support seemed very convincing. 

There were many courses taken before by him, but “Twenty19’s Adobe Photoshop course was the pathbreaker!” Not only did he learn to apply the skills he picked up during the course, he was taught how to effectively use it for professional purposes. This had pleasantly surprised him, because NOT EVEN ONE course he had taken before had taught this to him. 

Other than the tools, through Twenty19’s Photoshop course, Muruga was able to apply his new found skills in proper photography enhancements, and image manipulation- the thing he was looking for, from the very first course he had taken up. Paying the money was an issue because there were other courses that he had taken up before, which had charged a lot of money and not delivered what they promised. But the success stories on the Twenty19 blog, convinced him that it wouldn’t be a payment in vain. 

The language was extremely easy, the samples provided were easily understandable. In short the content of the course was different from all the courses taken up by Muruga before.

The course in itself was very crisp, very clear and extremely well thought out- keeping in mind that someone is learning the basics.

This is one sample of Muruga’s work on the pool table- something he’s really passionate about.

There are quite a lot of people who these days are tuning into our online courses service- across a plethora of topics. Muruga Pandian is one such individual, who willingly came forward to share his experience with us, having been very happy with the course he took on Adobe Photoshop.

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