Use the “Smart Question” feature to screen out 65% of the applicants in 65 seconds

Say 9 28 60 20 90 84 are the number of students applying for your various internship postings. (The numbers also form a word – clue: alphabet-numbers correlation, multiply. Answer below.) You know that a good percentage of these students are unlikely to fit into your role. The question is, how do you eliminate them without wasting your time?

The “Smart Question” feature on helps you solve this problem by allowing you to easily screen 65% of the applicants in just 65 seconds!

Here’s how it works:
When you post an internship requirement (on, you are allowed to ask upto 2 questions to the students who apply for your internship.

Here is an example:
Say, you want to post a marketing internship. Your smart questions could be:

1. Take a look at our website – and suggest 3 smart ways in which you could market it @ zero cost

2. Have you done a marketing internship before? If yes, where have you done it and what is the impact that you have made?

(Refer our article on 9 Smart Question ideas to ask candidates while posting an internship)

About 65% of the applicants’ answers would be in the following categories:

  • - A monosyllable answer
  • - A simple ‘No’
  • - An answer that makes the candidate’s misfit evident

You can spontaneously reject these candidates.

With the remaining 35% of the candidates, you could use the 10 hour task test to identify the most suitable candidates for your internship. Fast, simple & effective.. isn’t it?


Almost, forgot! The number puzzle – the pattern is 9*1 14*2 20*3 5*4 18*5 14*6, where 9 corresponds to I, 14 corresponds to N … similarly, the other numbers correspond the position of the letter in the alphabet – which gives the word INTERN.

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