Virtual Internships – Increasingly Popular trend – A great Opportunity!

Jus what are Virtual Internships (VI) ??? VI is just like any other internship, just that in a VI a student will never have to set foot into an employer’s office. They can complete their internship right from their comfy couch at home or from their lazy bed in their hostel!

Damn cool right? So what does this mean?

  • Short breaks ? Not a worry! For all those who may be feeling sad that you have jus a couple of weeks off from college and think that thats too short a break to get an internship. Go hunt for a VI and you can intern for as long as you want.
  • Do More! You don’t have to wait for your summer break to do an internship anymore. Find VIs to keep you engaged and productive throughout the year. Get more internship experience on to your profile
  • Intern in International LocationsSit in some remote town in India, and intern for the UN or NASA or some NGO in Africa. How cool is that!
  • Jus the perfect solution for lazy guys – Don’t move your ass, still get your work done and get your internship certificate! (Man! I so wish this was an option when I was in college! :D)

Here are links to a few interesting articles I found on Virtual Internships on the CNN website and a couple of other websites

This is just the start.. Keep coming back for a lot more on Virtual Internships!!

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