Virtual Internships: The Way Forward

Sometimes referred to as ‘Work from Home’ or ‘offsite work’, Virtual Internships have become a trend in the hiring industry. In our previous newsletter you learned about Virtual Internships and for what kind of roles you can comfortably hire virtual interns.

Now when you are thinking of having some virtual interns to finish those pending projects and tasks of yours, (in addition to general guidelines like setting clear objectives, sharing a schedule, brainstorming) we have come up with some tips to make your virtual internship program a successful one:

  1. Frequent in-person Interaction: This is the most important aspect of Virtual Internship. If an intern is working remotely it doesn’t mean that you do not interact with him/her in person at all. If the intern lives nearby, meeting the intern face to face atleast once will make the relationship more productive. For far-off interns, go for videoconferencing through Skype, Gtalk etc, to add that personal touch.
  2. Stipend in Parts: Many companies face the problem of intern leaving the project in between. Not getting any rewards can be de-motivating and reason for the intern to backout. A very interesting tip here would be to pay the stipend in parts, spread across the duration of the internship. This will motivate the intern to work and finish the project.
  3. Job Prospect: If you have plans to hire the intern based on his/her performance, make sure to communicate it well before the internship starts. This will encourage him/her to give in his/her best shot at the internship tasks.
  4. Exam Schedule: Make a note of the exam schedule before assigning the tasks to the intern. Do not overload the intern in exam duration which will affect his/her productivity.
Now, this gives only a head-start towards a successful virtual internship process. The triumph and failure of such a setup depends entirely on constant improvisation and innovation at an individual level. But, if you do find more tips that everyone can put to practice with great rewards, do share with us.

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