“Twenty19 elevated my career, once and forever”, says this young techie

Read this article to know how this student turned into a successful freelancer cum IT professional.

 Raju is an young and inquisitive IT professional who is also working as a freelancer. He builds various Web projects with his  extensive knowledge and outstanding skills in PHP and MySQL. He is now working on more than 10 projects.  

We take great pleasure and pride to share that he have chosen to learn these skills from Twenty19 Online Courses portal.

He was very happy and volunteered to share his learning experiences so that it could make an impact on other who are curious to learn and be successful, just like him. When we talked to him, he certainly surprised us about how he has already completed 60 web development projects. 

 Searching for a place to build skills

Even as a student, he was very much keen to learn new things and that eventually led him to freelancing. He started working on web development projects though he had fundamental skill set. For enhancing his knowledge in PHP and MySQL and putting more creativity in the websites he built, Raju landed at NareshIT in Hyderabad. But, he was not able to learn properly because of the lack of practical sessions and over-crowded classrooms.

“There used to be about 100 students in one classroom. It was quite difficult to get your doubts cleared, specially when the trainers were on a tight schedule to finish the courses. There was no practical approach where i could actually see, that how PHP and MySQL were being used in the coding. I realized that it was a waste of both time and money. I left half-way.”

Raju and Twenty19

One of Raju’s friends had already done an Online course from Twenty19, so he suggested him to give it a try. Raju started with PHP and MySQL Course and was quite impressed with it and he was interested in Web development.

“Everything was explained well. And being a freelancer, it was actually good for me, because I could learn anytime I wanted to. Also, one of my major concerns about getting practical knowledge was addressed quite well. I could actually see a demo project on the video. This made me understand the basics quite well and then I realized, that I was really learning now.”

Earn while you Learn

After learning PHP and MySQL course, Raju has developed around 60 web development projects. One such project is building a website for Sri Technologies. When Raju started to freelance, it was quite different and his work got much better this time as he was able to add intricate details to his work.

“After seeing my work, many have approached for taking my services and since then, I am always occupied with my projects. In fact, I have also registered for Android Course, but I am not getting anytime to start with it. After finishing all my current projects, I will start revising my PHP and MySQL course. Also, I need to start off with learning Android Application development. I want to continue as a freelancer, working on web development projects. I shall also start building Android applications once I am done learning it. I am very happy that learning with Twenty19 paid off really well.”

Take Initatives and Work on them

1. It’s nothing productive about spending a day pondering over an initiative and then doing nothing. Raju suggests this to those who spend time over thinking about anything and then completely abandoning that thought. It does no good. 
“If you are really interested in building or developing something, get practical knowledge about it and then start doing it.”

2. While learning a course, sit tight, pay attention to every detail, and ask questions about every little details, and that’s the best way to learn. You can not learn if you don’t have curiosities arising in your mind while learning and after learning.”, he added.

Raju, after finishing PHP and MySQL course has started to learn Android App Development Course from Twenty19, Both basics and Advanced. He is a fine example and surely an inspiration to all those who wants to earn while learning, and to those who wants to earn more while having a full time job. You can also have a story just like him – Check out www.twenty19.com/courses and start learning now!

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