“We found a group of passionate and dedicated interns from Twenty19″ – Anvita Shukla

Anvita Shukla ,Co- Founder 
of Youthopia speaks to us on how interns were a passionate source of talent for their company.

About Youthopia

Youthopia is India’s only freestyle expression platform catering exclusively to the determined & enthusiastic youth.

Today Youthopia enjoys an audience of 120,000+ from across the globe. Writers, Artists, Photographers, Musicians have been benefiting from this platform since 2012. Youthopia works with youth from all walks of life on aspects of skill building and confidence boosting. We choose to address this through Art, Literature, Music and Photography; unlike the traditional theoretical class room approach. By providing a platform to showcase one’s talent, we are encouraging people to break the barriers of communication, reach out and seek encouragement from a larger audience on Youthopia.

The Crux

As a start-up, we faced two basic issues

– Manpower Crunch
– Irregularity in the inflow of content

We required a group of people to work at youthopia who are passionate enough with the activities they do as a part of the company. Our basic content generation model, heavily relies on a lot of constant content contribution for this to happen we wanted a really strong team with good content knowledge. This where we had a really hard time in finding the right team to work with on content generation.

Since our model is completely dependent on content contribution irregularity in the inflow was another strangling problem for Youthopia. We were in search of a completely dedicated team who could contribute great content and be a pillar in the growth of the company.

The Quick Fix

We tried to solve this problem by hiring interns through Twenty19. Interns were definitely an instant solution to the talent crunch we faced. They were really handy and also much more passionate and intense in the work they did.

The quality of content contributed by these interns brought a fresh perspective to our content model. Our basic content generation model, currently, heavily relies on intern generated content. Interns contribute a lot of content on a day to day basis like articles, photographs, graphic designs and videos as part of their 12 week long internship program.

Interns are a bunch of passionate youngsters, with high energy levels. They just need some guidance, and they can produce spectacular results. They are more eager to learn than earn, and industry can always tap this raw energy to create something value-worthy..

What Interns work at Youthopia

We have been hiring interns only for two roles always that helps our company grow stronger

– Content Writer
– Web Designer

We will definitely continue to hire more as and when the requirement arises.

The Twenty19 Connect

Twenty19 helped us in reaching out to various campuses around the country, thereby reducing our efforts in reaching out to a large audience. We piggy-backed on the Twenty19  network to offer this beneficial program to a lot more deserving students from across India.

We hired a great number of  interns through Twenty19, and this regulated the inflow of our content. Also we found a group of passionate and dedicated interns through Twenty19 who joined Team Youthopia and are a part of the major core team in managing their responsibilities as a company together.

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