Gagan Deep, Shamreen, Avalon tell you why you should buy the Twenty19 Anniversary Offer

Since we launched the Twenty19 Anniversary offer last week, 1000s of students have already bought 40 courses for Rs. 4999. Check what some of these students talk about why more students like you should make use of this once in a lifetime opportunity..

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“This is a very affordable offer for students” – Gagan Deep Bakshi

GagandeepGagandeep Bhakshi is a 3rd year Computer Science student from CMR Tech Campus Hyderabad.

Gagandeep is a developer who is very interested in technology and builds different projects during his free time – having a passion to learn new and trending technologies, Gagandeep came across Twenty19 Courses. He initially took the Resume Writing course and was very happy with what he learnt – the course was simple, clear and very easy to understand.


With a keen interest to further learn new technologies, he wanted to learn ASP.Net, Python, Matlab,  etc. The Twenty19 Anniversary offer came at the right time for Gagandeep. He didn’t hesitate to buy the Twenty19 Anniversary offer. After learning these courses, Gagandeep wants to build more projects & apply for internships!

This is a very affordable offer for students – with just Rs. 4999, can add lot of certificates to your resume. This will help you improve your professional life and apply for internships. Don’t miss it :)
- Gagan Deep Bakshi, CMR Tech Campus, Hyderabad

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“This offer is a miracle for me” – Shamreen M, Bangalore

ShamreenShamreen M is a 3rd year Engineering student of RMS institute of Technology , Bangalore.

Sharmeen loves to learn new things and has already bought Java for beginners, Android App development & Ethical Hacking courses on Twenty19. Before learning the Java Course, Sharmeen did not know anything about Java – through the course, she learnt the language step by step and finally built a project also.

The Clear your doubts section on Twenty19 Courses, helped her a lot when she had questions and the experts cleared her doubts. Shamreen’s knowledge in Java through the course and prior knowledge in Web development also landed her with an Internship!

When the Twenty19 Anniversary offer came across, it was a miracle for Shamreen- She was very excited to buy it and learn more skills.

It’s a miracle for me. I can learn many more new skills through the offer – both technical and non technical concepts. I am excited to add more skills to my resume. This cost is too less for all the concepts that students can learn – it should not be missed at all!
- Shamreen, RMS institute of Technology , Bangalore

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This is a Once in a lifetime opportunity – don’t miss it! – Avalon Gudino, Mumbai

AvalonAvalon is a student studying 2nd year Computer science in Parel, Mumbai. Avalon also works with his father in his company that supplied IT products, and also runs a computer institute of his own.Having been exposed to the world of Information Technology, and Computer Science for a long time, it was natural that the technology bug bit Avalon. Avalon dreams to be a programmer building cutting edge Android apps for the market in the next 2 years. Realizing the importance of learning these fundamentals to chase his dream, Avalon came across Twenty19.


After learning the Resume course, Avalon wanted to start learning programming related courses- especially Java, Android and Python courses. He figured that if he has to buy these 3 courses separately, he would be spending a lot and found the Anniversary Offer very exciting and bought it. Avalon is very happy that he made that decision – he was able to learn the courses that he wants and ended up saving a LOT of money!

All students should definitely make use of this offer. It’s difficult to get someone to teach you all these awesome courses at such a rate. You can learn these courses anytime and can repeat watching the videos any number of times. It’s a Once in a lifetime opportunity – don’t miss it! “
- Avalon Gudino, Mumbai

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So What are you waiting for? The Twenty19 Courses Anniversary offer where you get 40 Courses for Rs. 4999 ends on Feb 8th, 2015. Hurry and make use of this opportunity :) don’t miss it – otherwise you will repent it :)
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