Why are we Afraid of GD & Interview? Expert talks about it.

As mountain dew ad says “dar ke aage jeeth heh.” you can say “GD and interview ke aage job heh.”

You can probably create an awesome resume sitting at home (Free resume guide) thinking through all day and maybe show it to your elder cousin to edit it in a better way and then you submitted that bold resume with all honors and degrees and self admiration’s,  so that you could just get your foot in the door. Now you get a call “you can come for the next rounds” says the call.

You go into a big fancy building and sit there with the rest looking at each other, waiting till they call you. You go inside form a group(Group discussion) and you struggle through the group and shout and scream out of it, then if you could make out of it, then they would let you inside a room (personal interview) where the 4-5 grasping eyes keep staring at you, grasping and contemplating each and every word or action you make.
To be realistic its hard – hard to get through these 2 stages and only one or two make it.

So, What to do? What’s the problem?

Lot of students ask this question “what to do? & how to pass through it?” 

So, to know this better we asked an expert


The Course Expert:
Miss. Chandrani Choudhuri, who created Twenty19’s Group Discussion & Interview course & works as a consultant trainer in Bridge Intellia & Institute of Career English, Delhi. she has has 13 years of experience in fields such as Software Product Management, Project Management and Strategic planning for Business & Team Development and has skills relating to Pranic Healing, Distance Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Counseling; Trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) methods.

With these skills we thought she could definitely explain about the problem and answer it. So, we send her our set of questions in an email and this is what we got as a reply.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. What you do & all.

Ans) I am an Independent Entrepreneur, running my own Business in Business Growth Consultation as well as in E-Commerce Domain.

I spend a quality time in Education sector sharing with students what I have learnt and experienced. I have been living a Spiritual life for many years practicing and teaching different forms of Meditation, healing people physically and mentally (through Energy healing and counseling) which I feel are the key contributors of my personal growth (as a person as well as Professional).

Hence, I strongly recommend everyone to adopt at least one form of Meditation (whichever you feel comfortable with) and practice it sincerely. That can make you what you really can be.

2) Why do you think GD & Interview course should be taken by students?

Ans) In our life, at many places we need to blow our own trumpet to let the world know about our achievements and potential. A very important place where we need to do that is during our Job Interview.

This is a crucial time when our entire Professional Career and it’s progress depends upon how well and skillfully we blow the trumpet. For performing at your best during those few crucial hours, we need to be preparing really well. This preparation should be holistic. Else, the World will be able to know us partially and many of our potentials will remain untapped and unutilized.

It is commonly observed that, many times while preparing for an Interview, the candidate starts focusing on one dimension of preparation (Technical subject or External appearance) and completely misses out another dimension (Soft skills and mental stability). As a result the success is partial too.

In this Course we have tried to guide the Students in all those dimensions in which the candidate needs to prepare with the right kind of emphasis. Physical level or subject level preparation is one part. But the real success comes when the internal world of the candidate is empowered and energized with the right knowledge and values. A major part of this course is dedicated towards that empowerment so that the result is lasting and benefits are maximized.

Once a person knows the secrets of successfully facing an Interview, then the type, place, purpose and the seniority/personality of the Interviewer becomes immaterial because success is guaranteed everywhere, every time. This course has been developed and offered to the students with this as the key intention.

3) Whats are the main problems students face during interview and how do you think this course could solve it?

Ans) While applying as well as facing an Interview most of the time, the students undergo lot of negative thoughts.

• These thoughts revolve around them getting rejected or about their ineligibility or the tough competition for a certain Job opening. If the seed is weak and poor, the plant also will be weak and poor. That is what happens in the Interview time too.

• All those negative thoughts actually manifest in the candidate getting rejected. Thus, Interview starts feeling like a nightmare where the thought itself brings jittery feeling creating a natural repulsion towards facing it. With such internal feelings they end up under performing during the Interview which adds to their negativity and depression.

• Also, many times, in order to showcase themselves as more eligible in the crowd, many students write bloated and false things about their achievements or Projects. This brings suspicion in the minds of the Interviewer and one negative scar overpowers the 10 other good qualities of the student. The irony is, the Industry is suffering due to the lack of good skilled work force and on contrary the work force is struggling to get the right opportunity.

During this Course, the truth has been clearly presented to the students. It has been repeatedly and clearly mentioned to the students how they can bridge this gap and leverage on the great opportunities lying ahead and waiting for them to tap.

4) What is the present scenario is companies during GD and interviews, give us a brief idea how GD and interviews are done in company’s.

Ans) As I have mentioned in the Course, the Companies are desperately searching for quality work force.

• Companies are literally searching for the right candidates but not getting it. It has become like searching for a needle in the stack of hay. Not only Companies, there is a huge crisis many of the Countries are facing in this aspect.

• The Companies and Govt. are ready to invest their time, energy and money in training the candidates with good potential and learning attitude to mold them for the needed work. But, the difficulty is to find them. Also, the commitment or loyalty of the Employees toward their employer has changed drastically in our current generation.

• Our parents used to stick to one Organization throughout their entire working life. But, in our generation, the trend is to change a Company every 1 or 2 years and get an inorganic growth in Salary package. But, this causes a severe loss of man power, money and knowledge to the Organizations. Hence, this also adversely affects the Interview process of a new candidate. The Interviewers are getting more strict and suspicious towards the honesty and loyalty of a candidate.

• One more disturbing thing has been observed in the recruitment of candidates. Many candidates present a false resume with wrong information and false certificates. The intention is to get shortlisted easily within the crowd and grab the opportunity by hook or crook. But, that creates further negative impression in the Interviewer’s mind and the honest and innocent ones are the sufferers. The Interview and GD process become tougher and trickier. Many of the large Organizations are putting special effort to come up with more strict and difficult filtering process in the recruitment.

Hence, the good candidates need to prepare themselves really well in all aspects to be able to get the right opportunity to prove themselves and stand out in the crowd. But as I said, there is a galore of opportunities and need. Hence the right candidate will definitely be rewarded.

It was a really good advice we got from the expert – and we really appreciate her for the time she has had taken to write it down for the students.


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