Why Digital Marketing is the need of the hour?

With the increased number of people using internet today, marketing is made incredibly possible and makes a huge audience with comparatively less effort.

It’s about a few years back when companies were deciding to have a website as an additional feature of the business. But the scene today is completely different. The Digital Marketing has now become the trend and is not going to disappear anytime soon. We can see many agencies have cropped up especially to serve the areas of digital marketing and many prestigious institutions are now coming up with courses in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is just like the traditional marketing with only one difference, it is done via an online presence. With people now able to access internet through their mobiles and tablets, having an online presence for an organization is a must to reach out to their existing and potential customers to keep them engaged with relevant information.

The task is not completed with having an innovative idea or product. People should be made aware of it, earlier marketing was done by having a face to face meeting or door to door announcements but now the entire scope of marketing has become unfathomable. The arrival of the internet has made marketing multiply its effect a million times.

Some forms of Digital Marketing are:

• Having a website in place

• A blog and Email Marketing

• Adverts on the various WebPages

• Videos (or Vlogs)

• Mobile and Social Media Marketing

What is making Digital Marketing so viable?

1. The ability to customize


An organization can customize its website as per the values they stand for. And having a variation of the website on the mobile, tablets and any other devices can help them to spread their message and be consistent in doing so. This creates credibility.

2. The impact it can create by reaching people all over the world

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With no geographical boundaries, a company’s product and its services can be availed by any person across the globe.

3. Affordable cost

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Even the small enterprises can afford Digital Marketing, which will boost their business.

4. Ability to measure and track


The web analytics help an organization to track its presence, by looking at the web page rankings, the audience using it, devices via their website is accessed etc. These results can help to improve their online presence accordingly.

5. Needs less manpower

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Compared to traditional marketing, this mode of marketing requires a small team to the assigned tasks. Yet, the wide reach that digital marketing has can never be attained by the conventional marketing in any which way.

6. Considerably high conversion rates

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Users are more likely to buy a product online if it has user-friendly interface. And people are now heading to look at the website of a potential client to understand and take decision accordingly. It results in more conversion rates.

Well, Digital Marketing has indeed become the need of the hour!

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