How to win a ‘Lottery’ in College?

All of us dream of winning the $1 billion lottery! That day dream comes up all the time!

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Ok hold on – do you know any friend or relative winning a lottery? The chances are, that no one we know has ever won a lottery – because, really, no one wins a lottery! It just never happens!

So, this article is not about how to win a lottery – but instead, it is about how to win something like a lottery, which we can call it as ‘Growth Lottery’.

Typical ‘Day Dream Lottery’ mindsets that we have seen among some students

  1. Applying randomly to 50 internships, hoping some company will give them an internship & a stipend
  2. Participating in a contest, hoping to win – without any prior effort to learn & gain knowledge
  3. Starting to ‘get serious’ in the final year of college and blindly hoping some company will recruit them for a job, since they need a job desperately.

Lets look at the Growth lottery

  1. Applying to internships only in companies, which are relevant to the knowledge and skills of a student
  2. Doing many small projects all through college days, starting from the 1st year
  3. Having hands-on skills – by actually practising to code, by actually marketing your college fest, by actually spending time in the machine room – getting your hands dirty & learning hands-on
  4. By learning from various people – friends, professors, attending events & fests, learning from mentors and everyone in the world
  5. Making small & steady progress towards a goal

twenty19 vishal kumarGrowth Lottery always wins over a day-dream lottery!

Here are is a student, Vishal who has shown this Growth Lottery approach Read his story of how he has learnt the skills and continues to learn the skills – which in turn, gives him the ‘lottery’ :)


Karthikeyan Vijayakumar
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