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Bodynlife Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


BodyNlife Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a popular ecommerce destination for Beauty, Fitness, and Healthcare. BNL services ecommerce marketplaces of State Bank of India and HDFC banks exclusively.

Cheersmile is a new initiative of Bodynlife Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Cheersmile is a lifestyle platform where people of similar interests,
passions and aspirations hang out, discuss, support each other and
collaborate. They take advices, share tips, share experiences together.
They may also create new products or buy items that they are interested in.
Cheersmile intends to build a platform that can leverage multiple networks
and also can be leveraged by multiple networks via various
channels. Cheersmile is headed by seasoned professionals with over 25 years
of combined experience in fields of internet, payments, and media.

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