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RealtyKart is a brand of City Synapse Info Pvt.Ltd. City Synapse was founded by three graduates of IIT Madras in December 2008. When Sudarshan, Ankur, and Kailash stepped out of college and started their careers in Bangalore, they faced several problems in finding an apartment for rent in the city, like many others. And that was how the idea brewed. The three childhood friends decided to leave the comfort of corporate jobs and decided to play brokers. Only, unlike you usual brokers, they were armed with technology, and an idea to change the real estate market for better. City Synapse started with a vision to provide smooth and easy relocation services. The objective was to turn around the unorganized, time consuming and expensive business of real estate services in Bangalore into an organized and affordable one, while providing free information to everybody. They partly succeeded and the company transformed itself under the brand of "RelocateEasily" while growing moderately well. Soon, RelocateEasily diversified into many areas of real estate including buying and selling, rental services, and legal and banking services. Today, the company operates over entire Bangalore. But Sudarshan, Ankur, and Kailash had bigger plans. They hired more people from IITs and IIMs, and decided to come up with an idea that will transform the way the entire rental market operates. That is how "RealtyKart" was born. RealtyKart started as an experiment, but we received overwhelmingly positive responses from owners who were delighted to have the burden of managing their rented properties relieved off them. It was then that we decided to take the project forward and has been operational since June 2010. As of today we manage flats in many of the major apartment complexes in Bangalore. We are growing at a rapid pace, and plan to open branches in other cities of India shortly.
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