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Introduction to Capital Markets

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Learn all about capital markets, stock markets, IPO etc to begin your career in capital markets! The course on Capital Markets on is a one of its kind course delivered to get you started on exploring capital markets. The knowledge of capital markets will help you with your interview preparation for jobs, higher studies etc.

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  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

    • 4.1 - Dividends Stock bonus
    • 4.2 - Stock Split
    • 4.3 - Initial Public Offering in Detail
    • Quiz - 4.1
    • Quiz - 4.2
    • Quiz - 4.3
  5. Chapter 5

    • 5.1 - Mutual Funds Basics
    • 5.2 - Types of Mutual Funds
    • 5.3 - Exchange Traded Funds
    • Quiz - 5.1
    • Quiz - 5.2
    • Quiz - 5.3
  6. Chapter 6

    • 6.1 - Stock exchanges and their role
    • 6.2 - Stock Indices
    • 6.3 - DEMAT Account Basics
    • 6.4 - Tracking the stock market
    • Quiz - 6.3
    • Quiz - 6.1 & 6.2
    • Quiz - 6.4
  7. Chapter 7

    • 7- Bond Basics
    • Quiz - 7
  8. Chapter 8

    • 8.1 - Careers: Equity Research
    • 8.2 - Careers: Investment Banking
    • 8.3 - Careers: Trading
  • About this Course

    In this course you will learn all aspects of capital markets – shares, stocks, dividends, IPO, bonds, mutual funds, stock exchange, index, DEMAT etc. Learn how capital markets function and the career paths associated with it. This is an online course with 51 Videos & 15 Tests, just one hour of your time to learn from the video lessons with practical example and you can learn anytime from your home at your own pace.

  • Project/Practicals in this Course

    Learn how to read Stock Quotes of different companies, learn how to get information from BSE and NSE websites with practical demo

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    You can ask all the questions in 'Clarify your Doubts' forum anytime, course experts will answer all your questions.

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    Receive an E-certificate from us once you complete the course. You can Download the Certificate from your Twenty19 account and also showcase it to your friends and family.

what should do the project


No Answers yet

who will issue propectus


No Answers yet

Twenty19 Quiz- Question 1- Capital Markets ( Post your Answers Here)

asked by Twenty19Expert Team

(D)New York Stock Exchange

answered by TejasDevaprasad, [ Oct, 2014 ]


answered by MayankTaparia, [ Oct, 2014 ]


answered by ManoharMarri, [ Oct, 2014 ]


answered by RiteshGupta, [ Oct, 2014 ]


answered by swarandeepbakshi, [ Oct, 2014 ]


answered by swarandeepbakshi, [ Oct, 2014 ]

The correct answer is choice D. New York Stock Exchange. Thanks guys for your responses.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Oct, 2014 ]

(D)new york stock exchange

answered by vidhushekhar, [ Dec, 2014 ]

new york stock exchange

answered by AnkurArora, [ Feb, 2015 ]

D- New York Stock Exchange

answered by ShubhamKhandelwal, 4 months ago. [ 23rd - Dec, 2016 ]


asked by deekshads

No Answers yet

band of issue price

asked by anjalikriplani

The Rs.10 is the face value of the share , while Rs 700-750 is the premium price one has to pay to get the stock.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, 7 months ago. [ 8th - Sep, 2016 ]

6.2 Sensex

asked by YashKothari

Sensex is an index, meaning it is a scale of certain companies performance on that day. So when Sensex has gone up that day, it is that constituent of Sensex stocks have performed very well.

Same for Nifty.

Sensex has 30 stocks in it, While Nifty has 50.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, 7 months ago. [ 8th - Sep, 2016 ]

Bonus Shares

asked by SaranKumar

When bonus share are issued the CMP is reduced proportionately , to reflect the same market capitalization.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, 7 months ago. [ 8th - Sep, 2016 ]

buy and sell on different exchange

asked by swarandeepbakshi

Yes, it can be traded in different exchanges , only if that stock or the company is listed in both exchanges.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, 7 months ago. [ 8th - Sep, 2016 ]


asked by MohammadNaqvi

Stock is a part of a Company . If you are holding certain no of stocks in a company , you are said to be a share holder in that company. In todays world everything is digital ,so stock exists in digital formats only in your Demat account.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, 7 months ago. [ 8th - Sep, 2016 ]

what does prev. close means?

asked by pradeephadevendran

Prev Close is Previous Day Closing Price of the stock .

It is an important attribute in stock markets.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, 7 months ago. [ 8th - Sep, 2016 ]

Can I download the videos & learn?

You can re-watch the videos as many times you wish but we do not allow downloading on our platform as we keep track of your progress in regards to the course you learn.

What is special about Twenty19 courses?

Twenty19 Courses are fun to learn and they are structured to be easily understood by anyone.The courses are developed with College students in mind.So courses will have a lot of real world examples and Twenty19 courses are easy to take up and earn a certificate.

If I have any doubt while learning, How can I clear my doubts?

You can raise your doubt in Clear your doubts forum anytime, course experts will answer all your questions. You can also reach us at +91 9962033243 (give us a missed call), send an SMS or drop an email to, one of our team member will call you to support.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card for making the payment?

No doubt, Your transaction is always safe and secure with Twenty19.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes!! you will receive an E-certificate from us once you complete the course. You can include this is in your Resume to get placed better.

How will I receive the certificate?

Twenty19 certificates will be emailed to your Twenty19 registered Email ID .The very next day of your course completion you will be receiving the certificate.You can download and print your certificate.

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