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Introduction to jQuery

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This course is for web designers who want to create interactive elements for their designs and for developers who want to create the best user interface for their web applications.You should know basics of HTML and CSS and should be comfortable with the syntax of Javascript to learn this course.

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  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

    • 4.1 - jQuery DOM Manipulation part-1
    • 4.2 - jQuery DOM Manipulation part-2
    • 4.3 - jQuery DOM Manipulation Example
    • Quiz 2
  5. Chapter 5

    • 5.1 - jQuery Styling and Animation
    • 5.2 - jQuery Styling and Animation Example
    • Quiz 3
  6. Chapter 6

    • 6.1 - jQuery Events part-1
    • 6.2 - jQuery Events part-2
    • 6.3 - jQuery Events Example
    • Quiz 4
  7. Chapter 7

    • 7.1 - jQuery Plugins
    • 7.2 - jQuery Plugins Example
  8. Chapter 8

    • 8.1 - jQuery Utilities
    • 8.2 - jQuery Utilities Example
    • Quiz 5
  9. Chapter 9

  • About this Training

    This course will make you proficient enough on jQuery so that you can immediately implement the library or plugins based on the library in your project. In this course you will learn basics of Jquery, Headstart, Selectors, DOM Manipulation, Styling Elements, Events and Animation and much more.

  • Project in this Training

    You will learn how to Access elements in a document, Modify the appearance of a web page, Alter the content of a document, Respond to a user's interaction and more.

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    You can ask all the questions in 'Clarify your Doubts' forum anytime, course experts will answer all your questions.

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    Receive an E-certificate from us once you complete the course. You can Download the Certificate from your Twenty19 account and also showcase it to your friends and family.

Ajax Example Video

asked by AkanshaVerma

Cant find video as in? You are not able to view it or locate it? Can you please elaborate?

answered by , [ Jan, 2016 ]

In the end of 9.2( Sending data with Ajax part 2), you mentioned about some examples in the next video but there's no next example video.

answered by AkanshaVerma, [ Jan, 2016 ]

It must be related to the code files. Can you please check there and confirm?

answered by , [ Jan, 2016 ]

Yes i just did, there is no demo video for ajax after 9.2 :(

answered by AkanshaVerma, [ Jan, 2016 ]

jquery installation

asked by murdulasaikeerthana

If you just want to use the library download the compressed one. If you want to study the library and create your own variant download uncompressed one.

answered by , [ Aug, 2015 ]


asked by naveenbagga

I'm not really clear with your question. What are you referring to by "code which is implementing trigger function"? Can you please elaborate?

answered by , [ Dec, 2014 ]

i want to have an example of trigger function

answered by naveenbagga, [ Dec, 2014 ]


This will programaticaly trigger click on the buttton. Hope this answers your question

answered by , [ Aug, 2015 ]


asked by AnkitUmang

Can you please elaborate your question? I'm not clear on what you exactly need

answered by , [ Aug, 2015 ]

can i have example code for simplest jquery slider

asked by rahulverma

Hi Rahul

This is for a definite interval and image size. You can also write this in a simpler code.

$(window).ready(function() {

var currentImage = 0;

//set image count
var allImages = $('#slideshow li img').length;

//setup slideshow frame width
$('#slideshow ul').width(allImages*imageWidth);

//attach click event to slideshow buttons

//increase image counter
//if we are at the end let set it to 0
if(currentImage>=allImages) currentImage = 0;
//calcualte and set position



//decrease image counter
//if we are at the end let set it to 0
if(currentImage<0) currentImage = allImages-1;
//calcualte and set position



//calculate the slideshow frame position and animate it to the new position
function setFramePosition(pos){

//calculate position
var px = imageWidth*pos*-1;
//set ul left position
$('#slideshow ul').animate({
left: px
}, 300);

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Jan, 2015 ]


asked by naveenbagga

I didn't get you? Which function are you referring to? Can specify following information:
* Which exact video are you referring to?
* Which slide/ part of code you are referring to?

answered by , [ Dec, 2014 ]

9.3 project : ajax
last part... under script tag we made a function call... that will do the work of updating the box. but how and where we are going to call it.?

answered by naveenbagga, [ Dec, 2014 ]


asked by naveenbagga

Example for Extend:
var object1 = {
apple: 0,
banana: { price: 100 },
cherry: 97
var object2 = {
banana: { price: 200 },
durian: 100

// Merge object2 into object1
$.extend( object1, object2 );

Output of this would be:

answered by , [ Dec, 2014 ]

Example for isArray:

Is [] an Array? <b></b>

$( "b" ).append( "" + $.isArray([]) );


Output of this would be:
Is [] an Array? true

answered by , [ Dec, 2014 ]

eg : utilities

asked by naveenbagga

When we say $("div") that means you are selecting all the divs on the page. When you say $("div")[0] it means the 1st div on the page.

answered by , [ Dec, 2014 ]

how to download jquery?

asked by naveenbagga

Can you kindly elaborate your question please?

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Sep, 2014 ]

As per my understanding from the title you have given to this doubt, similar question has been asked by another student. Please refer to this thread:

answered by , [ Dec, 2014 ]

About Selectors

asked by MohdMonis

We would require selectors to perform any kind of js based operations. Selectors tell where is the operation to be performed. It also defines how an element should behave when under what event. So technically this will be used under all situations.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Nov, 2014 ]

Can I download the videos & learn?

You can re-watch the videos as many times you wish but we do not allow downloading on our platform as we keep track of your progress in regards to the course you learn.

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Twenty19 Training are fun to learn and they are structured to be easily understood by anyone.The courses are developed with College students in mind.So courses will have a lot of real world examples and Twenty19 courses are easy to take up and earn a certificate.

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You can raise your doubt in Clear your doubts forum anytime, training experts will answer all your questions. You can also reach us at +91 9962033243 (give us a missed call), send an SMS or drop an email to, one of our team member will call you to support.

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No doubt, Your transaction is always safe and secure with Twenty19.

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Yes!! you will receive an E-certificate from us once you complete the training. You can include this is in your Resume to get placed better.

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Twenty19 certificates will be emailed to your Twenty19 registered Email ID .The very next day of your training completion you will be receiving the certificate.You can download and print your certificate.

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