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Smart Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop

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Do you dream to become an awesome Graphic Designer? Do you want to create breathtaking images, posters, website designs but don't know where to start? Then this course is for you!

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  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

  3. Chapter 3

    • 3.1 - Designing a Poster: Understanding the project
    • 3.2 - Designing a Poster: Understanding the paper, online image libraries
    • 3.3 - Designing a Poster: Easy layouts
    • 3.4 - Designing a Poster: Online color scheme software, free designers fonts
    • 3.5 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 1
    • 3.6 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 2
    • 3.7 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 3
    • 3.8 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 4
    • 3.9 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 5
    • 3.10 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 6
    • 3.11 - Designing a Poster: Preparing sample design part 7
    • 3.12 - Designing a Poster: Printing and Process
    • 3.13 - Brief Explanation on sample design two and three, Masking
    • 3.14 - Advance masking in Photoshop
    • 3.15 - Timelines, Presenting realistic mockups
    • Quiz 3
  4. Chapter 4

    • 4.1 - Designing Stationary-Types of logos
    • 4.2 - Designing Stationary-Types of logos continued
    • 4.3 - Designing Stationary -Selecting Category for your logo design
    • 4.4 - Designing Stationary -Resources Illustrator to Photoshop
    • 4.5 - Designing Stationary - Using font symbols for logo
    • 4.6 - Designing Stationary -Using right elements
    • 4.7 - Designing Stationary -Business Cards
    • 4.8 - Designing Stationary -Letter head and Mockup
  5. Chapter 5

    • 5.1 - Website design Basics
    • 5.2 - Website design Resources 1
    • 5.3 - Website design Resources 2
    • 5.4 - Creating Mockup -rough design
    • 5.5 - Setting up the Project
    • 5.6 - Adding images and other elements
    • 5.7 - Adding Text Footer
    • 5.8 - Footer design
    • 5.9 - Saving Slices
  • About this Training

    In this course you will learn the techniques to become a graphic designer with the amazing productivity that every company is looking for. You will learn the real secrets of the big studios that always deliver on time and make more room for more business; to become a successful and a preferred Graphic designer, learn basics of Graphic Design and how to use all Photoshop tools with practical examples. Step by step instruction on handling graphic design projects from scratch to delivering it to the client. This is an online course with 43 Videos & 3 Tests. You can learn anytime from your home at your own pace.

  • Project in this Training

    Learn how to retouch photographs and images . Design posters for a Car Rental Companyand homepage of a website with step by step instructions.

  • Clear your Doubts

    You can ask all the questions in 'Clarify your Doubts' forum anytime, course experts will answer all your questions.

  • Get Certificate

    Receive an E-certificate from us once you complete the course. You can Download the Certificate from your Twenty19 account and also showcase it to your friends and family.

how to color a rectanle using marque tool?

asked by MohammedShoeb Anees

No Answers yet

How to make double exposure photos in ps?

asked by MohammedShoeb Anees

No Answers yet

how to render on a cadd file


No Answers yet

what is the Keyboard Shortcut to undo any action

asked by HeranderSingh

Ctrl + Z is used for undo action

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Jun, 2017 ]

How to insert a picture into a new blank screen


open the picture in photoshop, select it using marquee tool, ctrl+c,ctrl+v to psate it

answered by Sri VardhanaKorada, [ Jun, 2017 ]

How to zoom-in in photoshop cs2

asked by Sri VardhanaKorada

press Ctrl and + continuously to zoom in and Ctrl and - to zoom out

answered by HeranderSingh, [ Jun, 2017 ]

how to remove specs from an image


No Answers yet

size of font

asked by KaushalSonawane

No Answers yet

photoshop version


Dear Shubham, try adobe cs3, it is announced as free licence software.

answered by , [ Jul, 2015 ]

provide me the link please

answered by SHUBHAMBHATTACHARYA, [ Jul, 2015 ]

Enjoy man!!!

answered by AbhishekJain, [ Mar, 2016 ]

how a ruler comes in a photoshop

asked by RishabhSinghal

Ctrl + R

answered by , [ Sep, 2015 ]

Can I download the videos & learn?

You can re-watch the videos as many times you wish but we do not allow downloading on our platform as we keep track of your progress in regards to the course you learn.

What is special about Twenty19 courses?

Twenty19 Training are fun to learn and they are structured to be easily understood by anyone.The courses are developed with College students in mind.So courses will have a lot of real world examples and Twenty19 courses are easy to take up and earn a certificate.

If I have any doubt while learning, How can I clear my doubts?

You can raise your doubt in Clear your doubts forum anytime, training experts will answer all your questions. You can also reach us at +91 9962033243 (give us a missed call), send an SMS or drop an email to, one of our team member will call you to support.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card for making the payment?

No doubt, Your transaction is always safe and secure with Twenty19.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes!! you will receive an E-certificate from us once you complete the training. You can include this is in your Resume to get placed better.

How will I receive the certificate?

Twenty19 certificates will be emailed to your Twenty19 registered Email ID .The very next day of your training completion you will be receiving the certificate.You can download and print your certificate.

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