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Verilog HDL

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In electronics, a hardware description language (HDL) is a specialized computer language and Verilog is the fastest HDL language to learn and use. It will help you in the design, verification and implementation of digital circuits at the register-transfer level of abstraction. A must learn for all Electronics students.

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  1. Chapter 1

  2. Chapter 2

    • 2.1 - Getting Started with Xilinx – A simple Program
    • 2.2 - Verilog Language Concepts - I
    • 2.3 - Data Types
    • 2.4 - Operators
  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4

    • 4.1 - Mixed Structural, Dataflow & Behavioral Design
    • 4.2 - Modeling Combinational Circuits
    • 4.3 - Modeling Finite State Machines
  5. Chapter 5

    • 5.1 - Blocking Vs Non Blocking
    • 5.2 - D Flip Flop
    • 5.3 - Registers and Counters
  6. Chapter 6

    • 6.1 - FSM Applications
    • 6.2 - FSM Simulation
    • 6.3 - Memory Modelling
  7. Chapter 7

    • 7.1 - Compiler Directives
    • 7.2 - System Tasks & Functions
  8. Chapter 8

    • 8.1 - Behavioral Modeling
  9. Chapter 9

    • 9- Project : UART
  • About this Training

    This course will cover verilog basics & different types of modeling techniques. You will learn how to model, simulate, synthesize combinational circuits, sequential circuits, memories and FSM’s using verilog HDL. In this course you will get familiar with Xilinx ISE tool. Course concludes with an industry standard project, where you will learn how to start and complete a VLSI project on your own, which is very important from your career perspective.

  • Project in this Training

    In this project you are going to learn how to apply all the concepts you have learnt from the course in a real time industry standard project.You are going to work on an Design and implementation of a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitte and are going to implement a simplified version of UART Tx, which transmits a packet with start byte, 8bits data and stop byte.

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full adder using half adder

asked by BabuB

No Answers yet

Regarding force constants

asked by AasheshZubair

No Answers yet

equality operator

asked by alenatraj

Can you be more specific and elaborate your concern.... FYI q==r , it doesn't mean both are same. It verifies whether both are equal or not.if equal it returns TRUE(logic -1) , if not equal it returns FALSE(Logic-0).

answered by , [ Oct, 2017 ]


asked by ASHVANTHB

If the number is an unsized constant number then the integer bit length is used to store the number

In Verilog numbers are declared using the following notation:

[[<size>]'<base format>]<number>

The value <size> is the size in bits (not digits) of memory allocated to the number. e.g.

test = 2'd27; // incorrect assignment (warning #1), test = 3 (last 2 bits)
test = 5'd27; // correct assigment, test = 27

If no size is declared or if the number is the output of an expression then Verilog uses a set of rules to size the number.

1)If the number is an unsized constant number then the integer bit length is used to store the number

2)If the number is the output of a logical/relational operation (e.g. <, ~&) then a bit length of 1 is used to store the number.

3)If the number is the output of a numerical operation (e.g. +, *, ?) the size of the largest operand is used to store the output number (regardless of whether the output is too large).

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Jun, 2017 ]

difference and similarity

asked by DavinderSingh



Verilog has its origins in gate and transistor level simulation for digital electronics (logic circuits), and had various behavioral extensions added for verification
So Verilog is good at hardware modeling but lacks higher level (programming) constructs.
SystemVerilog adds some higher level constructs to Verilog for verification but doesn't extend the hardware modeling capabilities. Verilog-AMS adds analog capabilities - but is a different standard


VHDL was the winner in a DoD competition to develop an HDL for the VHSIC program and is based on ADA programming language.
VHDL is popular with (European) FPGA designers because low-level modeling is not required in an FPGA flow
VHDL has a lot of programming constructs but lacks the low level modeling capabilities for accurately representing hardware.

answered by Twenty19Expert Team, [ Jun, 2017 ]

making a new project


also i am not able to get the timing graphs for the simple and or gate programs

answered by RUTWIKJOSHI, [ Jul, 2015 ]

use xilinx ISE Design suite 14.5, You will get similar windows as mine. Dont go for vivaldo... you will get confused.

answered by , [ Jul, 2015 ]

U can choose VHDL or Verilog according to your knowledge about that language

answered by MaheshGolconda, [ Jul, 2016 ]

Difference between Verlog HDL and Vivado

asked by NiteshSrivastava

Vivado is a software and Verilog HDL is a language

answered by MaheshGolconda, [ Jul, 2016 ]

installation of xilinx

asked by biplabRoy

answered by , [ Jul, 2015 ]

downloading software

asked by Divi BhanuSree

USE Xilinx ISE tools 14.7, and based on your architecture (64 or 32 bit) and OS(Windows or Linux).

answered by , [ Jul, 2015 ]

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