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Web Designer for 69 Seconds Restaurant


Role Description:

An individual with a passion for web, mobile web, app development and user experience development. A front-end developer who can work with the creative designers to bring their ideas to life in rich and interactive ways - with a focus on intuitive user experiences and interfaces. An enthusiastic team player who loves contributing and investing in new ideas. Someone who knows when to ask for help, but who takes on problems with a personal vengeance. Someone who genuinely enjoys life is a huge plus. Angry ogres need not apply.

Position Details:

Job based requirement. To develop a website and facebook application for a restaurant to order online food.

Some of the Skills we Look for in Front End Developers:

JavaScript / Ajax - Clean, Efficient Code
Ability to Adapt Easily to new Frameworks/Languages
CSS Grids, Frameworks, Resets
CSS Pre-Processors (LESS / Sass)
Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation
HTML and CSS Specifications (W3C / WHATWG)
UX / Usability
Website Speed / Performance
Debugging Tools (Firebug, etc)
Responsive Web Design
Mobile Web Development
Cross-Browser / Cross-Platform Development
Version Control (Git / GitHub / CVS / Subversion)
Back-end Templating languages/technologies (PHP, .NET, etc)
CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc)
Data Formats (e.g. JSON, XML)
Experience with Photoshop and Ability to Integrate Designs/Cut-ups
SEO Basics
CSS Pre-Processors (LESS / Sass)


INR 10,000 (One time)
Flexible Hours
Good times, happy people
Unlimited supply of Biryani for the individual selected for this role :)

What you will learn in this internship

Website Design and a live facebook application for actual end customers.

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