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Web Designer Intern


Artsy India is an online marketplace for authentic Indian art & craft products handcrafted by master craftsmen from across India (and worldwide). Recently launched, it intends to expand into the domain of facilitation for art exhibitions and sales of their products across the country. The internship position is for one month, with following objectives:

- To build a platform that lists the art events happening across the country (dropdown selection by Type of Art event/Country/City/Month/Artist Name)
- While submitting an event, an artist is asked if he would like to sell the products online through Artsy India
- While submitting an event, an artist is asked if he would allow Artsy India to set up a stall at their exhibition
- Provides a button in an event to "Buy" the products from that event/exhibition, after the event is over. This button would redirect a person to the link to those products on the main website

- Must be a college student/working professional with no more than 1 year of experience
- Individual who thinks he can do it in 3 weeks, with 2 more weeks for testing and removing bugs
- Passionate about web-development and long term vision rather than short term gains
- Creative minded individual who can come up with his/her own ideas for making the platform a really useful one for our company
- Doesn't need hand-holding. Can do the work end-to-end on his own without any technical support.
- Can work from home and still communicates effectively

- A remuneration of 4000/- at the successful completion of the platform. Please opt for this internship only if you have understood the objectives clearly and you think you can do it.
- A certificate of internship with Artsy India
- Regular web-development work with Artsy India
- As we are a group of individuals with many startups, you would be referred to other startups for work (some of them may turn into a full-time position).

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