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Machine Learning Engineer Intern


Cima Analytica is a flexible state of the art data consultancy firm. Without data, you don't get information, and without information, your business won't function. Data is everywhere; all you need an eye to capture it and a mind to use it to enhance your performance exponentially. We hear terms like data analytics, data science, big data used a lot nowadays. Our goal is to help enterprises and institutions not only realize how much-unused data they are sitting on, but also help them utilize that data efficiently.
About the work from home job/internship
At Cima Analytica, we belive skills and qualifications are two different things. Therefore, it does not matter what your qualification is, feel free to apply if you think you have the skills.

Required Skills:
- Must have experience in building web applications in Python/Django/Flask.
- Able to handle multiple databases in Django.
- Knows how to do various environments (production/ staging)setup in Django.
- Knows how to set up/deploy Django/flask apps in Google Cloud Platform
- Knowledge of MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
- Familiar with Docker/Docker- compose
- Understands best practices for front- end development
- Knowledge of cloud offerings by AWS/Azure/GCP
- Experience in Machine Learning/AI Technologies/Frameworks
-Ability to be flexible and deal with changing priorities and meet timelines/due dates

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Get instructions from the project manager on daily tasks regarding the web app.
2. Execute those instructions in a given time frame decided by you and the project manager.
3. Write Clean, Well Designed Code
4. Produce detailed specifications
5. Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
6. Design, develop, enhance, debug, and implement interactive web applications
7. Stay knowledgeable with the latest technologies

Skills Required for this Internship

  • Database Management
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Data Analytics
  • Python
  • Data Analysis

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