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Summer Internship in Varanasi


Here at Ether, we believe in extreme diversity in whatever we do. And we aim on creating a truly 'global' work culture, of course by embracing candidates from across the globe on our team. This is why we are now offering our (summer) Internship Programme to students from across the world. Our Internship Programme will help the Interns to learn by working in a field of work that is mightily new to the region that we thrive in. Varanasi - the oldest living city in the world - is as old as time itself, Mark Twain had once acclaimed. This being the major reason for us to establish ourselves and innovate in a place that seems to have been tuned out by rest of the world. People tend to migrate to, live and work in the glamorous new worlds of the metropolitans - well, almost. And this is exactly what gives us the 'wow' factor that we keep receiving from our audiences who follow us, and clients that we work with. We are doing to this place something and to the degree that has never been done before.

What's even more amazing? There is no place like Varanasi, they say. So, of course, the "Benaresis" also have a typical way of doing just about everything they do, and that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. The Interns will get a chance to stay with and work with the locals. That's getting a truly hands-on multicultural experience, and that too in a place that can easily be entitled as the "core" of the real India.


• Graphic Designers
• Web Designers (& Developers)
• Motion Graphic Designers
• Illustrators
• Business Development Managers
• Sales & Marketing Executives

Many of these posts can also be converted into full-time employment. We will see to that. Our Industry is often segmented as "Advertising & PR", however we would like to call it "The Creative Industry".

What you will learn in this internship

We are certain that the Interns will learn a whole lot while working with us and in an environment that is perhaps unthinkable for most of them. We, on the other hand, also are going to learn a lot from the Interns at the same time. We believe that our Interns will bring with them new knowledge and skills to the workforce with an added diversified cultural experience. It is going to be a give & take win-win business.


• It doesn't cost a dime!
• 4-24 weeks Internship P

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