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Programming Internship


Why you should apply :

1) because you have interest in learning data structure, algorithms and coding
2) because you can theortically answer questions but still have difficutly in coding the solution
3) because you want to prepare for job interviews for technical profiles
4) because you want to be in touch with people who have already made their mark in this field

Application process: Please contact through mail.

Benefits: chance to make upto INR 10000.

Nature of work:
You would be required to create test cases and sample input program for different level of algorithmic problems. You can choose problems according to your capabilities. The test cases will include all scenarios: wrong answer, time limit exceeded, corner cases etc.

What you will learn in this internship

* Exposure to start-up culture.
* Get ample practical knowledge of data structure and algorithms
* Prepare for job interviews for technical profiles
* Make up to 10000 INR from internship.

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