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Internship - Web Intern Frontend & Backend

Stipend : 1 - 10000 / Month
Start Date of Internship : Flexible
Application Deadline : 30 Jun 2012
Duration : 2 - 6 Months
No of Openings : 4
Location : New Delhi, Delhi NCR
Category : Web development / backend
Eligible Students :
All Students +

We are looking for an intern with experience in web development especially PHP/AJAX based website. The developer will have:
· A solid understanding of web development concepts including PHP/jQuery/AJAX and HTML/CSS,
· Must have good knowledge of FTP and UDP,
· Must have created websites in the past,
· A self-starter and able to work independently.


If you have not developed website, but are good at CSS and website layout etc. and have experience with Photoshop etc. please mention clearly in your resume.

Drop in your resume and be as creative as possible in your resume. You can try PHP/AJAX in your resume or can make an impressive layout to explain about you. Make sure you mention the projects you have taken in the past and give links to the websites you have created.

If you are a layout designer and have not worked in the backend, mention it clearly in your resume.
Key Takeaways
mLabs has been working on cutting edge research and is now working on combining web development with electronics. The main takeaway from this internship is understanding that the virtual-real divide can be minimized and web development can be integrated with real time developments.

In short, applications for web development in the real world.
Required Skills
- Solid knowledge of web development in PHP/AJAX/jQuery/Mysql
- Must have created stunning websites with impressive backend in the past
- Must have a sound knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 and must have created some websites/layouts.
- Must be willing to learn new paradigms
- Must be self starter and can work with minimum supervision
If layout developer, must have developed layouts in past.
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