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Backpacking Filmmaker


Come September, India is abuzz with a multitude of festivals in each of its regions. Although the festivals subscribe to a common philosophy and is a celebration of similar events, the cultural diversity of our country makes each of these festivals a uniquely intriguing experience.

This internship is for those that are bitten by Wanderlust. Those that love to travel around the country and document all the sweet traditions and cultural nuances that make up what is collective knows as "India".

Starting August, interns will be sent on an all paid trip to different parts of the country to document and capture something unique. Come back over, edit and make nice little travel short films. While someone will film Durga Pujo in Kolkata, the other will be packed off to Kanpur to experience Dasara, someone to Kerala for Bull race and other to Mumbai for Ganpati.

What you will learn in this internship

1. You'll get to travel like you've never done before
2. Come in touch with a bunch of crazy people trying to do crazy stuff
3. Youll takeaway lot of stories (makes life easier to impress the .....)

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