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Content Writing


SPRAT is a nationally awarded NGO that uses contemporary management and information technologies. It is supported by the likes of Microsoft, Google, Autodesk etc.
Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities may include some of the following, by consent:
1. Researching and organizing information to prepare content for our various websites/portals/projects and programs and its innovative, high-precision e-zines in different disciplines for professionals
2. Creating crisp content for blogs, video scripts, brochures, presentations, social posters, and pamphlets
3. Documenting, writing reports, fundraising proposals, etc.
4. Proofreading, editing, and conducting research on related topics
5. Performing data tabulation and analysis, validation, charting and documenting
6. Assisting our president (an accomplished writer) in writing an English book on Muslim reform. (Only for resident interns, especially the nocturnal type. Knowledge of Islamic theology is not necessary)
SPRAT's Internships come in multiple formats:
For residential, 24x7 interns that look upon this as a great multi-disciplinary learning experience, we provide free boarding, lodging, local transport, internet, basic recreation, etc. in lieu of the stipend. (This clearly costs us much more than the stated stipend). We call this IMMERSIVE INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE. These interns interact with us as a family and contribute 2.5 hrs of extra engagement daily.
For Non-residential Interns, SPRAT may offer the stated stipend or free lunch and refund of 2-wheeler fuel cost. In exceptional cases, we may allow WORK FROM HOME, without ANY STIPEND for brilliant students.
Preference is accorded to longer term interns: the longer the term, the better the chance of selection. The candidates either bringing in industry experience or putting in 2-months of internship with us, are most likely to be offered a regular job.
You will be working on the Office 365 cloud and will be given various licenses.

Skills Required for this Internship

  • Written Communication Skills
  • Wordpress
  • MS Word
  • MS EXcel
  • MS Powerpoint
  • Research and Development

What you will learn in this internship

SPRAT’s internship is regarded highly by those committed to creating, acquiring or sharing knowledge, have the curiosity to ask questions, possess the self-respect to contribute productively, are adaptable to new environments, possess a sportive nature and a sense of humor, and look upon this as a unique learning opportunity.

We are primarily focused on promoting scientific temper, inter-faith harmony and justice at large. Every intern gets the freedom to experiment, learn and innovate with modern scientific tools, and develop a rational approach in their work.

Interns will learn nuances of English language, art of book publishing, power use of Word and Excel and a holistic understanding of the social dilemmas of our times. They will also be exposed to
• Inter-disciplinary professional learning in diverse management fields
• Wide exposure and life studies through knowledge meetings, video watching, debates and discussions, and periodic workshops

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