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SPRAT is a nationally awarded NGO that uses contemporary management and information technologies. It is supported by the likes of Microsoft, Google, Autodesk etc.

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include some of the following:
1. Designing, programming, and developing our organization's portals using WordPress with its themes and plugins
2. Customizing plugins and scripts using PHP and HTML following MVC protocols
3. Identifying, acquiring, and installing libraries, plugins, themes, etc.
4. Integrating with MySQL

SPRAT's Internships come in multiple formats:

For residential, 24x7 interns that look upon this as a great multi-disciplinary learning experience, we provide free boarding, lodging, local transport, internet, basic recreation, etc. in lieu of the stated stipend. (This clearly costs us much more than the stated stipend). We call this IMMERSIVE INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE. These interns interact with us as a family and contribute 2.5 hrs of extra engagement daily.

For Non-residential Interns, SPRAT may offer the stated stipend or free lunch and refund of 2-wheeler fuel cost. These interns must bring either prior hands-on experience or thorough knowledge of their chosen field.

In exceptional cases, we may allow WORK FROM HOME, without ANY STIPEND for brilliant students.

Preference is accorded to longer term interns: the longer the term, the better the chance of selection. The candidates either bringing in industry experience or putting in 2-months of internship with us, are most likely to be offered a regular job.

Skills Required for this Internship

  • HTML And CSS
  • MS Office SKills
  • PHP And MySQL
  • Wordpress

What you will learn in this internship

We are primarily focused on promoting scientific temper, inter-faith harmony and justice at large. Every intern gets the freedom to experiment, learn and innovate with modern scientific tools, and develop a rational approach in their work.

Since SPRAT uses contemporary ICT interns gain the experience of working on these latest platforms including Office365 / Sharepoint and other Clouds. Our website uses high-end functionality [although the content is to be edited]. Many portals are also in the offing.

Besides in-depth knowledge of WP themes, plug-ins, database integration, documentation etc they will gain wide exposure to life studies through knowledge meetings, science workshops, documentaries etc - all in a congenial atmosphere.

SPRAT’s internship is regarded highly by those committed to creating, acquiring and sharing knowledge, are adaptable, possess a sense of humor and the self-respect to contribute productively.

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