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Design & Web Outsourcer


Task Profile:
1. Any updation, editing, uploading, design change, page change, addition, removal required to be carried out on the website:
a. These changes are usually done in Dreamweaver or if minor, in the online interface provided by the hosting site.
b. Usually the average update/ change frequency should be less than 3-4 per week.
c. Changes may be in the form of text or picture change on existing pages or creation of a new page.
2. All updations required to be done on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn:
a. TIC has active Facebook, Twitter & YouTube accounts.
b. The matter for the updations will be forwarded by TIC.
c. Usually the average update frequency should be less than 3-4 per week.
3. Edit & upload pictures & videos on website, YouTube & Facebook.
4. Design basic framework for marketing tools & other tasks on Corel.
5. The tasks will be time-bound & the TAT will be discussed before-hand.
6. All the tasks are assigned via Huddle/ Asana (online collaboration tools)

Technical Know-how (Mandatory):
2. Dreamweaver
3. Corel
4. Photoshop

Technical Know-how (Optional):
1. Java
2. Flash
3. Picasa

Work Profile:
1. No. of hours of work per day: 1 – 1.5hr (approx)
2. Work from home/ part-time profile
3. May or may not be working full-time anywhere else
4. Needs a working computer & an active broadband connection.

1. Graduate or pursuing graduation
2. Software certifications

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