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Intelleon GmbH


Intelleon GmbH is a Real Estate Service Provider in Stuttgart, Germany.
80-85% of our Business Process is Profiling & Blogging hence outsource-able. We have verified successfully this Model :)

As the next step – we want to expand our operations in India.
In Order to do that – we want to define our process in a fool-proof and easy way.
The Goal of this exercise is:
- Enabling a student in India
- To achieve the same level of Performance success
- a Domain Expert in Germany with a decade of Experience achieves
- based on our Process Definitions.

As Part of Internship – you will:
- build our process definition,
- apply the process steps they have defined in Reality and
- verify its successful functioning in Reality.

Sounds interesting :)
please apologize that we are currently reorganizing the website and are not providing you with information from that side.
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