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Global Content Writer Challenge

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

Inspire the world with your Impressive Stories!
Here is your chance to Win Amazing Rewards for your Articles!

UCWebInc.(UC Web),an Alibaba Group Company warmly invites all young vibrant Content Writers across India to join and become a Global Content Creator and get benefit through UC We-Media Rewards Program.UC News WeMedia platform's mission is to provide a platform where thousands of content creators achieve incredible reach, create and improve personal brand and develop an alternate revenue source.And this where We-Media project comes into play. "We" means everything and adding media to mix, we have media for and by everyone. Where readers can not only choose the news they want to read but they can also write it.UC We-media Program is an enabler for existing content producers and those who want to be, a platform to gain reach, improve visibility and compete with the best and the most popular, on an equal footing. We level the playing field.Grab a chance to earn a minimum of Rs.50,000 per month !

Key Highlights of UC We-media Rewards Program:

  • A Unique Chance for all aspirant Article Writers to get participated 
  • Win Exclusive Rewards for each article you publish
  • You can Contribute and Write Articles of your own in categories like Movies,Comedy,Politics,T.V Shows,Business,Lifestyle,Gadgets & lots more...
  • Articles can be written and published at your own convinience time
  • Know your audience base and find an inspiration for your next article with the trending topics
  • Reach millions of readers everyday through your posts

Why every Student should take part and become a Global Content Creator?

  • Get recognized to be a Global Content creator contributing to world's leading mobile internet provider ALIBABA GROUP(UC WEB)
  • Get Hands-On Experiences on how to write and publish articles and reach global audiences.
  • Get a chance to improve your personal brand recognition and develop an alternate revenue source.
  • Grow your fans base and get popularity through UC News
  • Exclusive Talent's reward of Rs.300 for every Qualified Registered Account Created !
  • Monthly bonus for Top Contributors upto Rs.6000
  • You will receive advertisement revenue share in the ratio of 70:30 - Where 70 is shared with the blogger 
  • Extra revenue for vertical content.Get more rewards for your expertize in vertical content 
  • Grab a chance to be eligible for a payout of upto INR 50,000 per month 
  • Learn on how to make things go viral and Weave magic with words

How To Join & Participate for the Alibaba UC We Media Rewards Program:

Visit "Alibaba Student Invitation Code Link" given below to apply for UC We Media Rewards program.

The LINK is - 

General GuideLines To All Participants:

  1. UC We Media Rewards program is completely an Online Event Based
  2. Any Interested passionate Article Writers/Bloggers can Register,Participate & Contribute Articles on your own and earn rewards for each contribution.
  3. You should complete 4 stages of your application process given in the above "Alibaba Student Invitation Code Link" to Create Your Own Student Profile Account(Create Account,Email Verification,Account Information,Account Status)
  4. Stage1:Create an Account - Give your email id & Password over here.Make sure your Student invitation code 738b92 is available when you have clicked on the above link.
  5. Stage2:Email Verification -When you have clicked continue button,A verification link will be sent to your email in this stage 2. You need to click on the link given to you immediately from your email to move to Stage 3(Account Information).If you face any problem over here,you can re-send the activation link again from stage 2 to move to stage 3(Account Information). 
  6. Stage3:When you reach Account Information Stage - Fill up all the details given in each fields like Your Account Name(Give your name),Account Type(Select Personal),Category(Choose your favourite section to write articles),Account Operator's Name & PAN Card number (please check for details below)
    1. If you have your own PAN Card number you can proceed to give your name as mentioned in your PAN CARD(Under Account Operator's name) & give your PAN Card Number!
    2. If you are a student not having PAN Card,Under Account Operator's Name(Give your name directly),then simply enter the code as UCWEB----X instead of your PAN Number,where ---- is the last four digits of your mobile number.E.G: Say you enter a code UCWEB4466X where 4466 are the last digits of your mobile number.Phone Number(Give your number),Occupation(Type as Student)Website (OR)RSS Feed - If you have any APIs or RSS Feeds for content synchronization from your blog/website, please fill it in the 'Website' textbox when registering or you can leave this entry.
  7. Stage4:Account Status:You will get an email alert to know your Application Status if you have successfully completed above 3 stages.Have you made a note of this?Once if your Profile Account is activated,you can go ahead and Write Stories and Earn Rewards on the go!


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