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Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

This event is to test the technical knowledge of the participants, to enhance the innovative ideas of the young minds aspiring towards their own startups, judge their way of presenting their ideas, coding skills and their cognition about the current affairs.

Event Details/Highlights


Objective: To test grasp of a candidate on coding.

Structure of the Event: The event will contain 12 questions to be solved within given time constraint.

Expected Participation: Around 140

Outside Participation: 20



Objective: To judge creativity and presentation skills of a person in addition to coding.

Structure of the Event:  The participants have to create an app, website or game and present it in front of the audience and the panel. They will be judged on the basis of their presentation and creativity skills.

Expected Participation: 50

Outside Participation: 15



Objective: To Encourage Ideas and rising Startups

Structure of the Event: The event is divided into two parts. New startup ideas will be judged in a closed room while the rising startups will present themselves to an audience for recognition.

Expected Participation: 45

Outside Participation: 5




  Objective: To test the debugging skills.

Structure of the Event: Certain codes will be given to the participants which are to be solved in a time constraint.

               Expected Participation: 150

               Outside Participation: 0



Objective: To test the overall knowledge about technical field.

Structure of the Event: It is a quiz that has three rounds. The three rounds will consists of MCQ, pictorial questions and a rapid fire round.

Expected Participation: 150

Outside Participation: 0



Objective: To judge command over Photoshop and ingenuity of participants.

Structure of the Event: Certain number of pictures will be given to the candidates and they have to utilize and come up with a creative montage.

Expected Participation: 55

Outside Participation: 10



Objective: To judge command over speaking skills and knowledge of current affairs. 

Structure of the Event: The event will comprise of three rounds. The three rounds are group discussion, debate and extempore.

Expectd Participation:150

Outside Participation:0


Hack the Server:

Objective: To test Technical and Aptitude skills.

Structure of the Event: It is 12hour event to hack the server provided.

Expected Participation:60

Outside Participation:10


  • Ace App Challenge:

Objective: To create an android application

Structure of the Event: A basic idea would be provided on which the app has to be designed. In addition to that participants can use their creativeness for adding additional features and layouts.

Expected Participation: 50

Outside Participation:10

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Business plan or Idea or Entrepreneurship | Engineering and Technology Competitions for College Students

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