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Prayatna 2K19

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

The Association of Computer Technologists takes great pride in conducting PRAYATNA, our annual national level inter-college technical festival. PRAYATNA, a conglomeration of the brightest minds in India, is hosted by the Department of Computer Technology, Anna University, MIT Campus. Over 3000 students from over 150 colleges flock to take part in this festival. In a nutshell, PRAYATNA is a platform that churns out technical and creative ideas from upcoming engineers by assessing their aptitude in coding, design, entrepreneurial skills and other multi-faceted concepts with special workshops with the help of experts from the industry enhance the participant's knowledge and creative potentials.

Event Details/Highlights


  1. Motorq Hackathon (The Flagship Event)
  2. OSPC (The Problem Solvers's Paradise)
  3. Mini Placement (Simulate your Interviews)
  4. Web Hub (What you see is what you get)
  5. Code N' Chaos (How well do you code under pressure?)
  6. DB Dwellers (Select * from the Universe)
  7. Parseltongue (Express your fluency in python)
  8. OOPS! It's Java (Are you a jaw-dropping Java Developer?)
  9. Paper Presentation (Give your idea the recognition it deserves!)


  1. Kaleidoscope (The Mega Event)
  2. IPL Auction (Bid, win, have a grin)
  3. Bplan (It's always wise to look ahead)
  4. Treasure Hunt (Clear vision holds the key)
  5. Math O Mania (Do you speak the language of the Gods?)
  6. Gaming (Life is short, game more)
  7. Connexions (Crack it quicker and collar up as connectors)


  1. Freeze It! (Let your lens speak)
  2. OLPC (Think twice, Code once)
  3. Daily Quiz (Unlocking Knowledge at the speed of thought)
  4. Connections Online (Pause coding and start connecting)


  1. Flutter (Build beautiful apps with Flutter) by Ruchika, Geeky Ants.
  2. System Design (Build your own Whatsapp!) by Gaurav Sen, Youtuber.
  3. Cyber Security (Something's Phishy!) Ernst & Young.
  4. ReactJS (Designing Websites with Perfection) Guvi
  5. Artificial Intelligence (The Future of Technology, Demystified) by Ramkumar, InMobi
  6. Cracking the Coding Interview (Placements just got easier!) by Hemanth, PayPal


  1. Gigamon
  2. Script
  3. CNSI
  4. Accolite
  5. Freshworks
  6. F22 Labs
  7. MotorQ
  8. Linkstreet
  9. MAD
  10. Zoho
  11. Guvi
  12. Botcode

Accomodation Details

Accommodation will be provided at the college hostel
Visit the website:

Registration Details

Online Regitration @


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