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First IC: Indian State & Society

Event Description

In the era of post-globalisation, the contemporary challenges to the Indian state are unprecedented. The last two decades in India have witnessed several forms of internal and external conflicts at various levels, ranging from across the borders and internal insurgencies to the dramatic changes that are taking place in society amongst institutions of education, family, and religion, amongst others. Widespread environmental degradation and loss of natural habitats have led to escalated human–wildlife conflict, with detrimental effects on human property and loss of both human and nonhuman lives.

More specifically, the political landscape of the country is undergoing significant changes and one can witness unusual responses from the judiciary or from the citizenry to the problems faced by the Indian state. It is against these larger manifestations that the proposed conference attempts to visit some of the national challenges that we need to understand and respond to adaptively, including the decline of public institutions, disarray in educational systems, conservation of natural resources and heritage, judicial activism and the emergence of multiple identities threatening the stability of the nation state.

Moreover, most real-world problems compel an understanding beyond lessons provided by single disciplines, often requiring multidisciplinary approaches to determine potential solutions. This first meeting of a proposed, interdisciplinary, annual conference series thus invites papers and posters from scholars on the following themes that we believe need to be addressed imperatively.

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