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Event Description

India's first ever inter college cultural festival, since 1948 from the India's first ever engg. institution College of Engineering, Guindy, since 1794. We r pioneers not only in tech education but also in Cultural extravaganza! 


1. Choreo Night

Get ready to witness the phenomenon, the conglomeration of the most aesthetic and the most graceful movements you have ever seen. The elaborate expression, the exquisite costumes, the rhythmic taps and every little thing which goes into making a phenomenal dance enthral you. So if you think your dance team is composed of these compounds and many more, your wait is over. Come onto the stage and show us who you are and what you can at our grand CHOREO NIGHT.

2. Mr and Miss Techofes

The most awaited 'awesomatic' event of Techofes. If you think you're an amazing singer, graceful dancer, or an eloquent speaker, don't waste your time, THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR YOU! For this event, all you need is GUTS to do ANYTHING in front of EVERYBODY! Do you have what it takes to be crowned the most popular girl or guy on campus?

3. Short Film Fest

"My movie is born first in my head, dies on paper; is resuscitated by the living persons and real objects I use, which are killed on film but, placed in a certain order and projected on to a screen, come to life again like flowers in water."
-Robert Bresson

Do you have the skill to direct a movie? Or can you just choreograph? Or are you just very good at acting? All of you get together and make a hell of an awesome short film, which may catch the attention of Kollywood!

4. Variety Show

If you like to have lots of variety in your life, for eg. Variety Rice (Lemon rice, tomato rice, tamarind rice) or maybe Variety Gals (Jil, Jung, Juck), then Variety Show is for you! Get ready for the aadals, paadals, and kondaadals in front of a reverberating crowd!


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