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International Symposium on Standards in Engineering and Technology
Eligible students
For more details
Deadline for submission
15 Jul 2012
Event starts
04 Oct 2012
Event ends
06 Oct 2012
Event Location
New Delhi
The IEEE student branch, Delhi Technological University will host The International Students’ Symposium On Standards in Engineering Systems. The Symposium seeks to provide a platform for student researchers besides, academic and professional experts to share and exchange their ideas and research findings which lead to dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community.

The Symposium aims to cogitate on the standards in the fields of smart grid, nuclear power and computer technology. This 3 day program includes several keynote addresses and lectures from eminent academic and technical experts involved in standards development. Additionally, panel discussions will also be held on “the role of students in the field of standards development” to give students a tete-a-tete like experience with the industry professionals. To provide an impetus to budding student researchers the Symposium will also hold a ‘poster presentation’ on the fields of electrical, electronics and computer engineering.
Event Details - I
Topics for Poster presentation are as under:

Database Systems
Network & Computer Security
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Mining
Pervasive Computing
Soft Computing

Signal Processing :
Analog(and/or)Discrete time,Audio/Speech/Image Processing,Digital Signal Processing,Feature extraction,Filtering,Linear Signal and System,Signal compression,Statistical Signal Processing.
Sensor Networks :
Distributed Sensor Network,Data Integration and Sensor Web in Network Processing,Telecommunication,Wireless Sensor Network.
Soft Computing Techniques :
Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing,Evolutionary Computation ,Fuzzy logic,Machine Learning ,Neural Computing , Probabilistic Reasoning.
Embedded Systems :
Embedded software architectures,Processors in embedded systems, usages etc
VLSI Circuits & Systems :
Computer-Aided Design,Low Power and Power Aware Design,VLSI Applications (communications, video, security, sensor networks, etc
Computer Vision
Mechatronics :
Modelling, Discrete event systems, Simulation design .
Robotics :
Actuators,Artificial robotics,Control,Field robotics,Mechanical design,Motion planning,Multi agent systems,Mutirobot systems,Path planning,3D perception,Vision.
Event details - II
Topics for Poster presentation are as under:

Circuit Breakers :
Trip-free, Push-Pull, Software applications in CB, Lightning protection, Modern surge arrestors, Switchgear life extension
Automation Technology :
SCADA,PLC,HMI, Artificial intelligence in power station, Software needs for restructured grid
Electrical Machines and Drives :
Induction motor and generators drives, PMSM motors drives, Brushless DC motor drives, Servomotor drives, DC motor drives
Magnetism, circuit and system :
Magneto-optic current transformer for protection (MOCT-P), Magneto hydrodynamic power generation technology (MHD), Electromagnetic Compatibility, Control and interface circuit design
Power system and security :
Artificial intelligence based power system restoration, Electrification of transportation, Power generation using Renewable source and fuels cell, Multipoint DC distribution system, Wireless power transmission, EMS cyber security, AC and DC cable transmission for wind Farms, Power line communication, Green power storage, Power quality, Power system stability and fault analysis, Microgrid
Hybrid Energy storage, Bidirectional Energy transfer, Renewable sources.
Advanced Metering :
Automated meter reading, metering reliability, applications in SCADA ,BPL
Renewable Energy :
Photovoltaic, Wind, Biomass, Tidal, Ocean Thermal Energy
Power Electronics applications for Grid :
AC-DC ,DC-DC converters, Inverters, Matrix converters, Soft switching, IGBT,MOSFET,GTO's drivers design, PFA, Active filters."
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