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Synapse 2k19

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

The dept. of ECE is delighted to present you the most awaited technical symposium -
SYNAPSE-2k19 as a part of CBIT's annual tech fest SUDHEE  happening on the 13th and 14th of September.

Get ready to embrace two days full of fun and tech-zing as SYNAPSE presents you a whole range of tech events with a unique blend 
of fun!
From tech events like paper presentations, project expo to mind boggling quizzes and other exciting events that won't let you miss on your fun quota, we've got it all covered!

So mark your calendars, grab your friends, and be there to experience this technical extravaganza!!

Event Details/Highlights

1. PAPER PRESENTATION: They say "It's not about ideas, it's all about making ideas happen." The 'PAPER PRESENTATION' by SYNAPSE-2K19 aims at tapping this infinite potential of human mind to generate an idea and showcase it to the world. The papers to be presented are required to be in the IEEE format and in the following fields of interest: 'Embedded systems/VLSI, Communications', 'Biomedical and Signal processing', 'Others and spot panel' and 'First year panel'. Registration fee: Rs.200/- per Head, (Max 3 per team). For further details contact Ragasai: 7893908677

2. POSTER PRESENTATION: The 'Poster Presentation' competition gives you this opportunity to present a summary of your research, project or any of your ideas in a creative and fun way. Your poster should be containing all the necessary graphs, charts and other information highlighting your work. The posters can be sent on the official website for Synapse or submitted on the spot. The number of participants per team shouldn't exceed 3, and the winners will be given exciting prizes! The fields of interest are the same as above. For further details contact Ramya: 9133417839.

3. AAVISHKAR (MOI PROJECT EXPO): The Makers of India is one of the prestigious clubs of CBIT which here goes with a tagline Learn, Innovate, Make. This is a club in which the creator, the learner and the developer meet and exhibit their ideas and present. The main motive of this club is to provide its members a practical experience of all the basic electronic components so that they come up with their innovative ideas and present them on an appropriate platform. Aavishkar provides a platform to get participants involved with technologies by embedding their technical knowledge into practical use. It witnesses a wide range of creative projects exhibited by students. The expo promises a lucrative array of unique projects that is sure to leave the viewers and participants amazed. Awards: Top 3 projects to be awarded with exciting prizes and merit certificates!! Registration Fee:  FOR OUTSIDERS: Rs 200/- per team (max 3 per team). For further details contact Madhumitha: 9704675405

4. MOCK INTERVIEWS: Interviews play a crucial role in one's career as they are the first step for any remarkable career. Having knowledge of interview questions is crucial but the experience of it is something that cannot be googled! Being confident and spontaneous are key factors to ace any interview. So, synapse is here with the idea of mock interviews, where you get to experience the feel of a real-life Job interview. A clear analysis of performance along with guidance on career path will be given. Registration fee: Rs. 30/- Per Head. For further details contact Nikhita 9949193628

5. FACE IT!: There will be five teams participating in this event and a maximum of 3 people are allowed in a team. A PDF which has 8 pictures of different locations in our college will be given to the team and they are instructed to go and get a selfie in all the given locations from the PDF. The team which comes first with all the 8 selfies will be awarded (One among the consecutive five teams). NOTE:  The team must be there in all the selfies.  All the selfies must be in the camera (Should not be in the WhatsApp images).  We will also check the date and time. Registration fee: Rs.50/- per team (max 2 or 3 per team). For further details contact Rasheed 9542972535

6. TECH-DO: 1. Two teams will compete with each other, where each team will consist of2 participants. 2. Technical questions which have integer answers in the range 1 - 6, are posed to each team. 3. One of the team members has to answer the questions while the other member moves forward in a matrix. 4. For every correct answer, the team gets to move forward that many no. of blocks. 5. For a wrong answer, the team does not get to move forward. Incase threewrong answers are given, then the team has to go three steps back. 6. The team that reaches home first is awarded. Registration fee: Rs.40/- per team, (max 2 per team). For further details contact Vidya 9908779485

7. DCP: Remember those childhood days where crosswords and jigsaw puzzles filled us with zeal? The excitement that follows after a puzzle is solved? DCP - a tech game, is presenting you the opportunity to relive those moments once again!.1. A team consisting of two players will take part. In the first round, two block diagrams with Minor differences will be displayed to the candidates. The candidate has to spot all the differences as quickly as possible. 2. In the second round, the candidates are given a jigsaw puzzle which needs to be solved in the least time. 3. In the third round a crossword puzzle made of general and technical questions isgiven. The answers need to be worked out as fast as possible. 4. Judgment will be done based on the time taken to complete the three rounds individually. Registration fee: Rs.60/- per team. (max 2 per team). For further details Yoshitha 8121249939.

8. TECHMOJI: Ever miss making funny faces as a kid? Well, here at Synapse we give you a chance to win amazing prizes for making all kinds of funny faces in our unique blend of fun and tech at “Techmoji”. Round 1: Taking two teams at a time (each with two members), the first round will need one of the team members to enact the given emojis where the other team member guesses it as quickly as possible. Round 2: This could be the round for you to show your love for electronics as we exhibit a group of various electrical components which have to be guessed correctly and memorized to be written on a sheet. The more answers you get right, the more time you have for the third and the final round. Round 3: A specific circuit will be given to you along with all the components required. Connecting it in the simplest way and in the shortest time possible is all it takes to win big here! Registration fee: Rs.50/- per team. (max 2 per team). For further details contact: Geethika 9490860729

9. PLAYER UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUNDS (PUBG) Here is your platform to unleash your skills in the World's top rated action game #PUBG which has real life visuals effects and graphics with ultimate action at every move. There are exciting cash prizes for the number of squad kills you get. The final surviving squad gets the cash prize of Rs 500. Players should maximum try to get there own headphones, power backups and network connectivity. Two matches will be conducted per day during the time slots 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Participants registered before 10am will be given a unique code for lucky dip, winners of lucky dip will be given a cash prize of Rs.100. Lucky dip will be drawn for each slot. Registration fee: Rs.100/- per team.(max 4 per team). For further details contact, Dilip 9393292974.

10. TREASURE HUNT: What better way to explore the mighty CBIT than a treasure hunt? Experience adrenaline rush like never before by taking part in an exciting hunt that will challenge all your senses and wit. The treasure is waiting for you, are you ready to own it? Solve puzzles and decipher clues with your team to win the treasure!! Round description: 1. Four teams will go on a hunt at a time. Each team will consist of a maximum ofthree members. 2. Puzzles hinting at a particular location in CBIT will be provided to each team. 3. The team will have to work together to decode the clues and identify the location. 4. The treasure has to be searched in the decoded location. 5. The team that first finds the treasure will be awarded. Registration fee: Rs.50/- per team.(max 2 or 3 per team). For further details contact, Shreya 9493366180

11. QUIZ WIZZ: The clock is ticking. The buzzers are blaring. Can you figure out the right answer before the time runs out? Synapse's very own quiz event, Quiz Wizz is the perfect platform for quizzers to flaunt their immense knowledge and amazing reflexes. The event consists of four exciting rounds as follows: Round 1: Pen-paper quiz This consists of multiple Choice questions to be answered individually by the participants. The questionnaire shall be distributed to all the interested students in their classrooms itself. The ones who score above the cut off shall qualify for the next round. Round 2: Guess the logos The qualifiers are required to form teams for the second round and the teams must identify the respective companies of the logos and taglines displayed. Round 3: Rapid Fire round The third round of the event is a rapid Fire round where the teams should answer as many questions possible in the given time. Round 4: Buzzer round The final round is a medley of technical and general questions and is a buzzer round. Registration fee: Rs.70/- per team. (max 2 or 3 per team). For further details contact Pranathi: 9866291967

12. MAZE ‘A’MAZING: The twists and turns of mazes have an unmistakable and mysterious allure to them. Every decision that you take puts you in a different direction, and every time you turn one way, you could have just as easily turned the other way! With a twist, Maze 'A' mazing challenges you to find the shortest path! Are you ready for it? Round description: 1. A team consisting of 2 players will take part. 2. One of the team members spins a wheel consisting of set numbers, depending on which questions will be posed to the team. 3. The team has to guide a remote control car through a maze, while answering the questions posed to them. 4. In order to win, the team has to find the shortest way out before the questions get over. 5. Incase the team does not make it out, they will be eliminated. Registration fee: Rs.50/- per team. (max 2 per team). For further details contact Manmitha 7997556566.

13. SYNSPARK: Bored of routine? This is what you're looking for then. SYNAPSE presents SYNSPARK which comprises of simple, short and innovative games that are delightful to play. Use your skill and luck to win these amazing games and get rewarded. Round description: A team of 2 have to play 8 games. Every game is unique in its own way. The 8 games are 1. Pin It!, Buzzwire, Ring Toss, Blinking LEDs, Lighting Candles, Riddles, Fastest Fingers First, Car Control. A minimum of 5 games have to be successfully completed in order to get rewarded. Registration fee: Rs.70/- per team. (max 2 per team). For further details contact Sai Teja 7981434284


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