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Seminar on Ethics, Morality and spirituality

An international level seminar
Eligible students
Deadline for abstract submission
01 Sep 2011
Event starts
04 Jan 2012
Event ends
05 Jan 2012
Event Location
New Delhi
An International Seminar on Ethics, Morality and spirituality is organized by Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research. Delhi.

Attraction of the conference:
  • Two Best paper awards will be given in each Technical Session
  • Some Selected papers will be published in International Journals like: Delhi Business Review(USA) and DSM Business Review
Conference themes
1. Role of Ethics and Morality in Business, Society, Government, and Governance
2. Role of Spirituality in Business, Society, Government, and Governance
3. Dynamics of Ethics, Morality, and Spirituality in International Relations
4. Law of Ethics and Morality
5. Research Papers Presentations on Contemporary Issues
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